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PUBG Mobile Holi 2020 Bundle: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

PUBG, the famous game is planning to enthrall gaming enthusiasts with an all-new version. The popular game seeks to develop a strong fan base through the introduction of various new versions. Enjoy this new version of the game to perfection with great events awaiting your presence.

PUBG Mobile Holi 2020 Bundle: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

PUBG believes in being dynamic with the inclusion of new features and versions frequently. PUBG Corporation is trying to include new versions to expand its horizon and offer an overall fantastic gaming experience to the players. The new PUBG Holi 2020 is no exception!

Learn more about the PUBG Holi version

The PUBG Holi bundle is a very lucrative offer for gaming enthusiasts as it provides a great gaming offer at a very affordable price. This bundle is a part of the Holi major event. The price is 10 UC and remains confined up to 1 park per day. PUBG has incorporated various events related to the Holi version. This version is available to provide an overall diverse and fabulous gaming experience.

It is time for all the gaming enthusiasts to know and learn about this new PUBG Holi version. The amazing features of this new version shall serve as a catalyst for all the players.

Detailed events of PUBG holi version

One will be able to play with gulal and in-game items. They serve as the major attractions in the whole game. There are three major events in the Holi version which include the Holi festival: colorful party, Happy Moment and Gulal Redemption.

One will be able to collect gulal for the matches played irrespective of the mode. In the second event, one can specific rewards by spending a specific amount of time playing the game. The last event named Gulal Redemption provides for easy redemption.

There are other events that have been covered under the PUBG Holi version 2020. These events include Win an outfit and Big Spender. In order to enhance the entertainment level of the game, these events have become a part of PUBG. The game shall include various events that will serve as the major stimulus.

Enjoy the personalized touch to PUBG Holi version 2020

The personalized touch to this version makes this game all the more interesting. One shall enjoy playing this game to perfection with a touch of personalization. It offers a fantastic opportunity for all the players to enjoy and have a great time while playing this new version.

The new Holi version offers an excellent experience to all the gaming lovers. With the inclusion of personalization in the game, the quality and standards of this addictive game have gone higher and better.

PUBG Corporation is endeavoring rigorously to ensure that the players get to enjoy a fabulous version of the game. With the incoming of this version, one can enjoy the colorful and celebratory version like never before.

So, without wasting much time come and start playing this new PUBG Holi version right now!

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