LG W30 Mobile Review

LG W30 - You will be surprised to know that there exists a budget phone with all the kicks!

A Quick Introduction – LG W30 Mobile Review

LG has been trying to step into the smartphone market for quite a while now. With the early success it found with the Nexus range of devices, it was expected that the company would keep continuing its conversion rates – but this did not happen. They have been one of the most silent companies this year. LG did not release as many phones as one would have expected. That being said, they did not want to get out of the game completely either. This gave birth to the latest LG W series range of phones. This series comes under the tag belt of budget smartphones where there is a major market share. Let’s take a look at the newly launched LG W30 phone which is being touted as one of the best budget phones in the mobile market today. On paper, the specs of this device have blown away everyone’s mind. The phone boasts of 3 rear camera configuration along with a notch display and a big battery. Read on for the LG W30 mobile review.

The Specs – LG W30 Mobile Review

The phone is powered by MediaTek Helio P22 Sox which is found in many of the entry-level smartphones. At this price range and the level of competition in the market, we would have expected LG to go higher with the hardware specifications. There is only one configuration available in the market – the 3GB RAM and the 32 GB storage option. The phone can support USG-OTG, FM Radio, and a wide range of the usual sensors. You also get the dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac with Bluetooth 4.2. The phone will not be able to stream Netflix content in HD resolution or higher as it has been certified with Winevine L3. You can also install the LG Health App for all your health and fitness needs. 

LG W 30 Mobile Display Review
LG W 30 Mobile Display Review

Using the Phone

In terms of software, this LG phone runs a minimal toucher version of the Android 9 Pie. With this version of Android, there are no buttons, however, you will be able to customize this in the setting if you are looking to go back to the old style. LG has given a few touches of their own. For instance, you will be able to set up gestures in the setting to perform a few actions – screenshots, opening an app, etc. Apart from this, they have also their own version of the “Panic or Emergency Button” which will directly make an emergency call to 112. Apart from this customization, another good feature on this phone is the way you can set up the notch. You will be able to completely remove the notch or have them set up with a normal notch or you can keep it just like it came out of the box!  

LG W 30 Design

The phone has a premium look and feel. The phone’s design makes it extremely light. The phone weighs around 172gms which is not too heavy for this price range. The V-shaped waterdrop notch display tops it all in terms of a premium look. The bezels around the phone are to the minimum giving the user an impression of a fully covered screen. The sides are chrome plated and a brushed aluminum pattern takes its place at the back. It is covered with 2.5D curved plastic which again adds to the premium feel of the phone. Since the back is made of clear plastic, it resembles glass. For this reason, it is also easy for you to smudge it with fingerprints! Unfortunately, it also picks up dirt easily.  

On the left-hand side, you will find a hybrid dual SIM tray. It can support either 2 SIM cards at the same time or you can sacrifice the services of one SIM and put in a memory card to expand your storage. The internal memory limited to 32 GB. With the apps getting bigger and bigger with every update, you might soon need the additional storage. For all the music lovers, there is a 3.5mm jack located at the top. The speakers and the micro-USB are in the bottom. With the smartphone world turning away from the micro-USB and moving on to USB-C, this smartphone, unfortunately, misses out on that. One good feature of this phone is that LG has not sacrificed the notification LED which many manufacturers had to drop. They have managed to squeeze this in within the space allotted for the camera. On the back of the phone, you will find three cameras aligned vertically and the fingerprint sensor in the middle. This has been the go-to design for most of the manufacturers in the smartphone segment, so nothing new there!

LG W 30 Mobile Review
LG W30 Mobile Review

Display Features

The LG W30 is available in multiple colors. To sum up, LG has put in a lot of efforts to lend this phone a premium aesthetic design except for the fact that the phone looks a bit too bulky in terms of the width of the sides. They are about 8.5 mm thick. The overall dimensions of the phones, on the other hand, are getting thinner and thinner. With this being a budget phone, LG has compromised on the screen quality a bit. The resolution of the phone is HD+, making images and texts less sharp than they usually are. Though LG has not mentioned what the display rating of the phone is, it is apparent that the display does not easily pick up scratches. 


In terms of performance, there is no noticeable lag in the phones while swiping through menus and keeping multiple apps open. Though once you have opened a few apps, you might experience some lag. This might be due to the low-end chip that they have used. Running heavy games such as PUBG or NFS might not be a good idea and many LG W 30 user reviews suggest that they do not run properly. They lag quite a bit even on the lowest graphics level and this phone is definitely a big no-no if you are looking for a gaming mobile device. In the stress testing mode or while playing games, it does not get as hot as one would expect except for the top part where it tends to get a bit warm. 

Speakers and Battery Life

Do not expect too much from the speakers located at the bottom of the phone – they are far below average. The software also includes a face recognition feature something rarely found on phones at this price. It works well with good light but does not work in the dark at all, in which case you will be able to use the fingerprint scanner on the back. The battery backup of this phone is simply amazing. On one full charge, it can easily last close to 40 hours – this is based on the average use of the phone. One full charge takes close to 2 hours to complete. The 10W charger which comes included in the box. 

Camera Quality

Here comes the main part that everyone wants to know – the LG W 30 camera review. With three rear cameras, one would expect some high-quality photos to be produced. However, unfortunately, the phone just does not deliver as per the specs! The main camera is 12-megapixel with an aperture of f/2.0. The second one is a 13-megapixel wide-angle, fixed-focus camera which has an aperture of f/2.2. The last one is a 2-megapixel camera with a depth sensor. The main camera has been powered with a Sony IMX486 sensor, one which has been incorporated in multiple budget range phones in the market. 

LG W 30 Mobile Camera Review
LG W 30 Mobile Camera Review

The autofocus of the camera is something that needs improvement. The sensors just don’t lock in order to have a good focus. In case you are using the camera in broad daylight, then the image quality is decent enough. Capturing distant objects lack the sharpness and also dissolves a few colors once the image has been captured. Comparing all this with the close-ups, they are far better than the latter. While testing, one issue we came across is shutter lag. This means that you will need to hold your position for a good 2 seconds before the phone can capture the image, otherwise, it is going blur up. Coming to the front camera, it features a 16-megapixel camera which works well for selfies and video calling. Similar to the rear camera, the images captured come out slightly overexposed. 

The Verdict – LG W30 Mobile Review

To wrap up, while the camera and some features do not meet the mark, the overall performance and battery life of the phone makes it a buyable product. There are many other phones in the segment which offer you better performance, but not at this price. That being said, this LG W 30 could be your choice. If the display, the battery life, and the performance are the most important to you and you feel you can skip the camera downsides, go for it. Hope this LG W30 mobile review gave you an insight into the inner working of this phone. If you are on the lookout for a premium phone with amazing features, check out the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus review


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