Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus will make big improvements to battery life and sound quality

Samsung mentioned that it is working on its Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus. They claim the upcoming Galaxy Buds Plus will be a much-improved product. The company plans to work on several different aspects of the earbuds and make it better. The most noteworthy update here probably would be the battery life of the product. Where the older Buds Plus was able to offer 11 hours on a single charge, the updated one would be able to last for about 22 hours. The buds have come a long way with the original Galaxy Buds only offering about six hours of runtime.

Galaxy Buds Plus

Most of what the users know has come from leaked sources. The same sources have revealed that the Galaxy Buds will come with dedicated woofer and tweeter drivers in each earbud. The older version of the buds had only a single speaker on each bud. With regards to sound quality, this will be a significant update. Samsung has included a second outer voice mic, making the total three now. Another issue with the Galaxy Buds was the quality of voice calls. Again, Samsung has taken note of the problem and has made it better.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Aesthetically speaking, both of the earbuds look pretty much the same, even down to the size. While the Buds Plus weigh more, there is not a lot of difference between the two models. The exterior touchpad will allow the user to open up Spotify on the user’s phone instantly. This is a feature added thanks to the partnership between Samsung and Spotify that has blossomed lately. In addition to this, you will be able to use the touchpad for regular things like managing volume and tracks.


You will be able to pair the Galaxy Buds Plus simultaneously with multiple devices. This is a great step up from the single-device limit of the first Galaxy Buds. While the price of the buds has not been released yet, the product is expected to be announced along with the Galaxy S20 series. One thing we do know is that the earbuds will be available in white, black, blue, and red.

Galaxy Buds Plus
Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung intended to release this as a rival for Apple’s AirPods. With significant updates surrounding improved battery life, clearer voice calls, and a shortcut to Spotify, Samsung has made a long-lasting impression in the market. The main reason that the Galaxy Buds Plus are a competitor to the AirPods is not due to one single thing. The entire package, with all its features, offered at a very reasonable rate, make it attractive.

It is quite easy to set up and pair the Galaxy Buds Plus with your phone. The buds are designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. To start, briefly press the buds in your ears and it will start playing from wherever you left off the last time. The entire process is smooth, fast, and seamless. The fact that you will not have to launch Spotify on your phone separately makes the process even more convenient.

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  1. The sound quality is premium in galaxy buds. I love to hear the up-beat music on this buds. But I got the black color variant of the buds because the white and yellow variant looks too bright. For the color and look I ordered an ebony wood skin from gadgetshieldz

  2. Galaxy buds plus is really comfortable and the main feature I like in this is that i can hear other people talking
    very clearly because they have two microphones on it. The color of the buds plus is same as the buds version one.
    So I applied ebony wood from gadgetshieldz to give it a unique look.

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