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An Overview: Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold is considered to a phone of the future by many. It is the first of such a model and has come out very well for a concept that has always been theoretical. The Galaxy Fold can easily transform from a 4.6-inch handset to a 7.3-inch tablet and vice versa easily. You can do this even while using any app and there is a definite thrill that accompanies the fold and unfold gesture. Since this is pretty new in the market, many are worried about the durability of this – a right concern. Understandably, the phone is quite expensive, but when it comes to the possibility that it might not be very durable, it does trigger a constant worry. We will discuss all the aspects of this phone in this Samsung Galaxy Fold Review. 

The 7.3-inch display is vibrant and allows the users to run as many as three apps simultaneously on the screen. Once folded, it turns into a 4.6-inch screen device, which feels a bit too small. Comparatively speaking, the Galaxy Fold is a bit thicker than the regular phones we might be used to. Since it is also not nearly as durable as the others, it is better to store it in your purse or a jacket pocket. 

For the owners of the Fold, Samsung has a Galaxy Fold Premier Service that is available 24/7 and users can choose to get in touch via phone, video chat or in-person visits. The battery is not too bad either. The package comes with a box for added protection and a pair of wireless Galaxy Buds. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review
Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

Galaxy Fold Design

The futuristic design of the phone has stunned many people. The 20-part, dual-axis hinge is responsible for opening and closing the phone smoothly like a book. This will transform the book from a phone to a tablet in an instant. The motion is smooth and does not seem forced at all. The phone’s unique design does not take a long time to get used to either. Since the main display is made of plastic and not Gorilla Glass, the company tried to offer better protection by having a metal layer under the screen. 

When in closed mode, the Galaxy Fold looks and feels like a model of the past due to chunky and small look. It is not a good fit for pant pockets. It also weighs a bit more than the average phones. Regarding the button layout, you will see the power button and the fingerprint scanner separately. In a premium phone like this, it is only natural to give the users as much convenience as possible. Instead, Samsung has decided to work with a new combination. Here, the fingerprint sensor also doubles as the Bixby button. The Fold offers facial recognition too. The Galaxy Fold is available in two colors – Space Silver and Cosmos Black. Before the design, the company had plans to add other vibrant colors like Astro Blue and Martian Green. There is no headphone jack in this model, however, Samsung does include wireless Galaxy Buds in the box. 

Galaxy Fold Display

The Galaxy Fold becomes extremely small when folded at just 4.6 inches. This makes it quite small compared to other smartphones that generally start from 5.5 inches onwards. The screen is narrower, making it a bit difficult to type and text, considering we have been used to larger displays. Apart from using the small screen for basics like checking notification, selecting songs, and so on, the folded version is not very great. For most things, you will need to open the phone. In the 7.3-inch display, you will experience the magic of the AMOLED screen. The colors are sharp and in contrast. The crease in the middle is not very visible, especially when you are using apps. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Review
Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Review


Galaxy Fold Durability

Durability was a major concern with the Galaxy Fold. This is why Samsung ended up making a few changes to the design to make it more stable and durable. The top display has been extended to avoid accidental damage to the device. To prevent debris or dust from getting accumulated behind the screen while it is closed, the hinges now have caps. Samsung has also added a metal layer under the display to make touch interactions more stable and solid. The gaps between the two sides are also bridged as much as possible, although you might notice space for small stuff to get through when it is closed. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Fold can withstand about 200,000 opens, but according to a test run, it broke just before hitting the 120,000.


For some aspects, Samsung worked with Google. The App Continuity feature allows you to open an app in the folded phone and continue using it seamlessly after you unfold the phone. It is great since it covers the entire screen of the unfolded phone and comes in especially useful with certain apps like Google Maps and when you are watching movies. Another cool feature is the Multi-Active Window thanks to which you would be able to run as many as three apps simultaneously. You can add the apps by swiping right from the screen. You can also resize the apps using your fingers. Surprisingly many apps support the multitasking mode. 

Galaxy Fold Camera

The Samsung Fold boasts of six cameras. Similar to the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 models, you will notice three shooters on the back – a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 16-MP ultra-wide lens, and a 12-MP telephoto lens. There is also a 10-MP camera for selfies when the phone is folded. When unfolded, you will see a 10-MP main camera in addition to an 8-MP depth camera for portraits.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera
Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera

Bottom Line

The Galaxy Fold phone indeed feels like a futuristic phone. However, when you get down to it and start using it, it does seem that it falls short on multiple factors. With more improvements, this unique model could definitely become more popular and be considered an alternative for laptops. The price is currently too high for most users to afford it. Hopefully, once the company makes some improvements, they could market it more affordably.

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