12 Best Wireless Workout Headphones in 2020

People aim to achieve various goals, claims that music strengthens their will power to keep going and restrain negativity from dominating their mind. New headphones are quite smart, adaptable, highly efficient and can be customized to meet various needs. Of course, there is a wide range of headphones with several brands and each brand has its specialization to address various requirements.

12 Best Wireless Workout Headphones in 2020

Picking a right set of pair of music accessories- an enigma

Gym enthusiasts keep exploring the headphones for years to find a solution of unease they face during a workout with no compromise on quality. Wireless workout headphones replaced wired ones. Still, it left with a plethora of challenges for researchers to give seamless and high-value experience to the health-conscious section of society worldwide.

Today, the workout headphones industry has come up with thousands of brands and categories and every buyer confronts the dilemma of with which product he should go by. Since every person has a different skull size, sweating level, and ease level, so, one headphone can be amazing to one and nuance to others.

Best 12 Workout  headphones- ruling the world

Here is a list of headphones that can do a wonder no matter what ambition you are thriving to achieve. These pretty devices have long-lasting durability and are powered by state of the art technology that can tempt anyone to make them a companion in a harrowing journey of struggle.

1. Jaybird -X3

Jaybird -X3

Jaybird is the most sought-after name in the wireless sports headphone. Its X4 comes with incredible features such as –

  1. Easy to use playback controls.
  2. Majestic sound quality.
  3. 8 hours of powerful battery life.
  4. Water and sweat-resistant.
  5. Approx Cost Rs. 3379/-

2. Bose-Sound Sport wireless headphone

Bose is one of the reliable names in the entertainment industry. Today, it has a wide range of music accessories available at its storerooms. Bose Sound Sport wireless enjoys a class for its quality.

Bose-Sound Sport wireless Workout Headphone

  1. High-quality music.
  2. Elegant appearance.
  3. 6 hours of battery life still a drawback when compared to its rival.
  4. Approx Cost Rs. 9125/-

Cost may restrain you to buy if comes from a middle-class family. However, it is a little more highly-priced in comparison to products in the market in its category.

3. Jabra: Elite Active 65T headphone

Wireless ear-buds appeared to have replaced other accessories in its segment owing to its great fit to ears and amazing sound quality. Jabra doesn’t need any introduction as it is a decades-old brand that emerged to occupy a huge chunk of market shares across the globe.

Jabra: Elite Active 65T headphone

Elite Active 65T caters to a high level of expectation of prime customers.

  1.  Playback control
  2.  It is enabled with a feature to use of Google Assistant, Alexa
  3. The quality of music is little compromised if compared to similar devices in its segment.
  4.  Approx Cost: Rs 12070/-

4. Addidas: RPT-01

Teenagers always love On-ear devices more. However, gym lovers can also be seen wearing them during the workout session. Addidas RPT-01 has amazing features and out-competes others with ease.

Addidas: RPT-01 Workout Headphones

  1. IPX4 rating for sweat and water-resistance.
  2. Bluetooth 5.0
  3. USB-C charging.
  4. Fabric meshes design.
  5. Approx Cost: Rs.10650/-

5. Dirty Cheap: Sound PEATS Bluetooth Headphones

Dirty Cheap may bring relief to you if the headphones discussed above stir your budget. It carries all features an ideal headphone should have.

Dirty Cheap: Sound PEATS Bluetooth Headphones

  1. Quality sound.
  2. 8-hours back up in one recharge.
  3. Adaptable ear-bud.
  4. Sweat-resistant and have handy in-line playback controls.
  5. Approx Cost Rs 1061/-

Dirty Cheap has specifically penetrated the middle or lower-middle-class music enthusiasts by pricing its accessories much low in comparison to its product in similar categories.

6. Mpow Flame

Mpow Flame is the product for those who want to pay for the quality of the product instead of lavishly draining their money on the brand. It possesses all necessary must-have features with no compromise on quality music.

Mpow Flame Workout Headphones

  1. IPX7 sweat and water-resistance.
  2. Bluetooth 4.1
  3.  7-9 hours of playback on a single charge.
  4. Approx Price: 1400/-

7. Aukey -Key Series B60

Aukey’s wireless headphones drain money out of your pocket but guarantee value for money with its amazing feature of charge with USB-C what several rivals miss.

Aukey -Key Series B60

  1. IPX6 rating for water resistance.
  2. Bluetooth 5.0.
  3. 8-hour battery life.
  4. Approx cost Rs 2900/-

8. Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Bud has changed the meaning of hands-free as these are so tiny that they can be fixed to ears with ease. Here are the more features which define why Samsung deserves to be a leader.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

  1. A durable battery with 6 hours of backup
  2. AKG tuning
  3. Water and sweat-resistant
  4. ease to customizable to different ear sizes
  5. Approx Cost Rs 7000/-

9. Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

This headphone may be at the bottom in our list but its feature may astound you. It needs not to put in ears rather you could listen to your music along with beware of what is happening in surroundings.

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

  1. It allows you to hear surrounding noise.
  2. IPX7 sweat and water-resistance.
  3. Long battery back up
  4. Approx cost Rs 1148/-

10. Beats X 

Beats X has given a tough competition to the leaders of the headphone industry. The headphones have got a great response owing to their classic cadence and latest technology. Little costly priced headphones of Beats X entice music enthusiasts.

Beats X 

  1. Eight hours of backup per charge.
  2. Facilitates 2 hours of playback with five minutes of recharge.
  3. Customized headphones for different users.
  4. Approx Rs 7000/-

11. Soundcore Spirit X

Soundcore serves the categories of headphone markets, wherein sellers are committed to delivering the best in the art of the technology. It got some ecstatic features that pull music loves at least to read the features.

Soundcore Spirit X

  1. Amazing sound.
  2. 12 hours of long-lasting backup in one charge.
  3. Water and sweat resistance.
  4. Approx Cost Rs 2556/-

12. Bose- Soundsport Free 

We have placed the second headphone of Bose in our 12 best workout headphones. It has a decent pair of ear-buds and could drive you to explore the unexplored side of music. Again, Bose has targeted high-end customers, therefore you may have to pay from under the nose to own the delight.

Bose- Soundsport Free 

  1. Astounding sound.
  2. Water/sweat resistant
  3. Elegant look
  4. Approx Cost Rs. 14130/-

At the end

Today, the market has overwhelmed categories in the headphone industry. Buyers need to understand their requirements and budget constraints first; well-informed decision making can bring peace of mind. In contrast, reckless buying may make you feel miserable for not having the right product in hand.

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