ScanWatch: Withings Launches New Hybrid Smartwatch To Detect Sleep Apnea

These insights could help detect and prevent health issues at an early stage.

Withings is a French wearable tech company. The company recently released a hybrid smartwatch at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. It received a lot of attention due to the inclusion of electrocardiogram and sleep apnea detection in the device. Withings calls its latest release ScanWatch. They claim it is the company’s most medically advanced product. It looks quite similar to the Withings Move ECG. However, the developers mention that the ScanWatch can offer insight into general health like never before. These insights could help detect and prevent health issues at an early stage.

Withings ScanWatch
Withings ScanWatch

ScanWatch can detect atrial fibrillation or arrhythmia and sleep apnea. The smartwatch has been developed in collaboration with cardiologists and sleep experts to ensure it is both accurate and safe. The hybrid smartwatch allows users and their physicians to monitors health and detect undiagnosed cardiovascular and sleep problems as early as possible.

Withings ScanWatch 

The CEO of Withings, Mathieu Letombe, stated, “ScanWatch is our most innovative medical tracker and is specifically designed to detect early detection of atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea – two related problems that are extremely common but remain largely undiagnosed despite their known effects on various diseases.”

He also mentioned that the smartwatch has been designed for both day and night use. It comes with a water-resistant stainless steel case and features a stylish sapphire crystal dial. You will notice a subdial within the watch that displays the percentage of the daily step target that you have achieved so far. Another feature of the watch is the new SpO2 sensor which measures oxygen saturation in the blood.

The basic design of the ScanWatch mimics Withings’ earlier models. However, some changes in design have also taken place, such as the addition of a larger digital display, better navigation, and improved battery life. The watch has an impressive battery that can last for about 30 days.

Withings ScanWatch Smartwatch
Withings ScanWatch Smartwatch

Sleep Apnea Detection

The ScanWatch makes use of the SpO2 sensor to monitor and detect nightly sleep apnea episodes. Throughout the night, the watch measures oxygen saturation in the blood. If the values are low, it could be because of respiratory disorders such as sleep apnea. Besides this, the smartwatch also offers you an analysis of sleep patterns via the Health Mate app.

Built-In Cardiovascular Health Monitoring

The smartwatch can analyse the heart rhythm and detect possible atrial fibrillation. Irregular heartbeat is a primary symptom of this condition. Since it is hard to detect, doctors often diagnose it late. All the details of the analysis are available on the Health Mate app. The device works on an early warning system that collects critical health data.

The Health Mate supports more than 100 third-party fitness apps including Google Fit, Strava, Apple Health, and MyFitnessPal. Its Smart Wake-up feature wakes up the user at the most optimal time of the sleep cycle gently with vibrations. It is available in different colours. Regarding straps, it comes with interchangeable soft silicone and leather straps.

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