Best Smartwatches For Women In 2020

Smartwatches are the future; we all know it! Smartwatches in today’s time are exhibiting numerous functionalities, regardless of the leather type, dial size or any other measuring parameter.

There are multiple wearables in the market flourishing globally in nearly part of the world. Digitalization is ruling and it will not stop now! It has fetched a long route of dominance combining with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Best Smartwatches For Women In 2020

The global market share of the smartwatch unit showed alone that the North American sector made worth $2 billion in 2019 according to statics of Canalys’ numbers. In fact, Apple made a leader in women’s smart wearables market as it holds the largest share of the smartwatch shipment worldwide market in the year 2019.

Women are fond of stylish accessories and Apple knows well how to attract its consumers. Some companies really need to foster if they want to continue and excel in the wearables sector.

Let’s now look at what these electronic device companies have got for us in 2020.

Apple Watch Series 5

Female customer’s acceptance of the Apple Watch is highly important for the smartwatch industry who, until now, had mostly male consumers. Women find these watches so appealing that they buy them without thinking about the cost.

Apple watch is running with its 5th Gen series of watches. Apple Watch Series 5 has so much to offer.

Apple Watch Series 5

  • You can get a quick measurement of your ECG.
  • The new noise app alert helps to prevent you from loud music or unwanted sound.
  • Menstrual cycle tracking is a brand-new feature in this series. It will help you check your regular cycle chart and log other information about your menstrual cycle.
  • Advanced workout metrics, GPS and water resistance to 50 meters, it motivates you to exercise more.
  • The Activity rings in series 5 track your daily progress and don’t let you sit for longer, and exercise more. Additionally, it allows you to challenge your friends to complete daily challenges or targets.
  • For entertainment, you can listen to 60 million songs and the entire Apple music library, not to mention audiobooks & podcasts.
  • Amazing navigation and accurate direction with its timeless compass and ground elevation features.
  • This watch lets you go without your phone, emergency SOS assistance, ask Siri for whatever you want to search.
  • These watches are very stylish, trendy and bold.

What are you waiting for? Grab this watch and know everything happening around!

Now let’s look at some other watches you might go for this year.

FOSSIL Gen 5 Julianna

One of the best Smartwatches for Women. Since 2020 is bringing a lot for modern women to enhance their morale, dignity, and power. Fossil, a brand that does not need any introduction has brought 5 gen series-Julianna into its smartwatch collection.

The 4th Gen got many buyers and were happy with it but for some buyers who hoped for up-gradation or improvement, the moment has arrived. Let’s look at the features:

FOSSIL Gen 5 Juliana

  • This is a classic design with modern tech. This 44mm Julianna HR touchscreen smartwatch features a beige leather strap and is extremely light-weight.
  • Google Assistance + speaker functionality.
  • Increased storage capacity and battery life which lasts for many days.
  • Gen 5 Juliana is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, such as Andriod OS 6.0+or iOS 10+ so that you don’t lose track of what’s happening around you.
  • Heart-rate tracking while workout.
  • This watch uses Bluetooth technology to access your phone and get important notifications just right at your wrist.
  • These watches have customizable buttons and dials to match any outfit or occasion as per your mood.
  • A unique feature it offers is haze-free payment via Google pay. You can now make a payment from your wallet.
  • This watch is swim-proof. Run into a shower or wash hands without worrying about the damage.
  • Untethered GPS options, leave your phone behind, it will still track your running distance.

This is one of the best smartwatches for women. Also, this watch is a perfect watch for working women and makes you look amazing with bold, colorful and exquisite straps.

Michael Kors Access Runway

Michael Kors’s Access Runway is a high-resolution display smartwatch and is feature-packed plus beautiful. These designer watches are known for their straps and wonderful colored straps. The collection of MKs smartwatch comes in the various colors silver, rose gold, pink, black and gold. This 41mm metal case watches come in the perfect size and doesn’t look clunky at all. So, women out there, reach out for this high-tech smartwatch and embrace yourself.

Michael Kors Access Runway

Come, take a look at the features of this smartwatch variant:

  • MKs Access Runway provides a minimal and compact look that still looks elegant on any wrist.
  • These watches come along with interchangeable straps.
  • It is equipped with Google’s updated Wear OS interface.
  • It has built onboard GPS feature, heart rate tracker, 3ATM waterproof, payment options via google pay and constant assistance.
  • Get easy notifications and reply to them if you wish to directly from your watch display.

Don’t wait, buy it today online.

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