Kospet Prime Se Smartwatches With Face Id Support Now On Sale!

The Kospet Prime was one of the standard-sized smartwatches sold with long-lasting battery life. And just a few days ago, the brand Kospet introduced its newest upgraded version at a much cheaper price of $99.99. The difference between the previous versions and the new Kospet prime SE version smartwatches is in its hardware.

Kospet Prime Se Smartwatches With Face Id Support Now On Sale!

This upgraded version comes with 1GB RAM and has a storage space of 16GB  ROM which is enough to function all the applications and features in a built-in smartwatch. Along with this, Navigation, Music listening, Bluetooth headset connection are the additional functions that this watch provides to the consumers.

You can easily search for this watch online on Amazon or at the official website of KOSPET PRIME. Let’s see what else this watch offers.

Design And Appearance

The very first thing that attracts is the exterior black matte look of the Kospet Prime SE smartwatch, making it a more sophisticated and stylish smartwatch with a silicone strap and a metal watch. The watch has a dimension of 280x50x18.5 mm and weighs 83gms.

It has a ceramic body. On its lateral side, there are two manual buttons made of soft plastic that looks similar to rubber. The camera is present in between those buttons. Although the watch has two cameras on lateral sides, 1st in between the control buttons with 8-megapixel capturing sensor and the 2nd is a 2-megapixel located on the other side of the watch.

The screen runs on IPS Technology and has high-displace quality. The interior of the watch has a metal plate. On unscrewing it, you will find a slot for a nano sim-card, heart rate sensors, a microphone, and a speaker. The width of the watch is 270nm and the best thing is that the straps are removable. You can replace them anytime you want!

Salient Features

  1. Calling and Notification: Display on the screen. Insert the sim and use 4G speed seamlessly. You can use video calling applications such as Viber, Skype, and WeChat. Get incoming call notifications, app update notifications and newsfeed notifications.
  2. Sport & Fitness: Footsteps count, movement reminders, heart-rate monitor, Pedometer, Pulse rate GPS and distance count sensors are present. It offers 9 sports modes good enough to fulfill all your fitness needs.
  3. Camera: Many smartwatches fail to provide excellent camera quality. But, the Kospet Prime SE watch embeds two cameras. An 8MP camera for external photography, face unlocking in 0.1s and another 2MP camera for video calling, etc.
  4. Navigation: It has built-in GPS (GPS/GLONASS/A-GPS) which is perfect for navigation and distance measurement.
  5. Music listening & downloading: You can stream to online music channels with the Bluetooth headset, FM and also download the songs you like.
  6. Display: 1.6 inches super large full touch screen. It provides HD display excellent for operating any application.
  7. Software: This smartwatch has Android 7.1.1 OS (a latest updated version of OS) efficient enough to run all Google applications and support smartphones with iOS 9.0/Android 5.1 system.
  8. Great colors: Sorted functionality with perfect design and colors.
  9. The straps are removable.
  10. Third-generation ceramic case +outer metal ring+ silicone watch band makes a perfect combination.

Battery And Performance

Kospet Prime SE smartwatch runs on a 1260mAh polymer battery. The battery does not die up to 72 hours. Compared to the previous versions’ battery i.e. 400 to 600 mAh, this watch has the largest battery capacity. This watch was tested several times for its battery check-up.

Even at its lowest power, it had 24% left even after 72 hours. This watch takes a charging time of 3.5 hours which is quite a long time. But it’s worth because it fulfills every aspect of being a perfect smartwatch.

Talking about its performance, the Kospet Prime SE smartwatch has an MT6739 processor, which is present in many smartphones to date. Plus, it has a battery capacity of 1260mAh which is sufficient to carry out all the features in the watch. The user interface is very fast than the previous Kospet Prime variant of watches.

The Android 7.1.1 OS makes it pretty fast. According to the latest survey, this watch has the largest battery capacity and thus, its performance is tremendous.

Why you should buy it?

There are many smartwatches out there in the market that provide wonderful features. But when it comes to performance, many brands fail. Whereas, Kospet Prime SE’s newest version comes with built-in large battery capacity, which makes it unique and perfect for use. Furthermore, it records your activities throughout the day right from the steps you’ve walked, and simultaneous heart rate monitoring.

You don’t have to reach out for your phone to make a call. You can do it all with this watch i.e. make phone calls, send a message, use the internet and all Google applications as this smartwatch supports 3G & 4G network.

And the biggest reason to buy it, it’s available in just $ 99 which is a reasonable price for smartwatches in today’s time.

Where can you find it?

The Kospet Prime SE smartwatch is now available online on Amazon, eBay and Gear best for $99.99. To get a better deal and additional offers, make pre-payment via credit/debit cards.

Don’t wait for the perfect time. This is the perfect time to buy this latest watch series and get additional discounts or cash backs.


When you compare a typical smartwatch of any brand and Kospet Prime series of smartwatch you will find many differences in the specifications. Kospet Prime SE supports 4G Nano SIM-card, which is good enough to make a call or receive a call while being away from your phone.

The perfect and clear 1.6-inch IPS touch screen display makes it ideal for any operating system or application. Dual cameras: 2.0MP front camera + 8MP side camera allows capturing surrounding pictures, and video chats with your friends. The processor and battery back-up system make it the best smartwatch running for more than 72 hours. Therefore, Kospet Prime SE is offering amazing features in just $99, the deal is perfect for any buyer.

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