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The Challenges Tiktok Must Overcome To Stay On Top In 2020

TikTok! A very common word. None of us are unknown to this word. From young children to the elderly, everyone knows about this extremely popular application. About half of the population in India uses TikTok. In 2012, TikTok got its launch through a Chinese company.

The Challenges Tiktok Must Overcome To Stay On Top In 2020

TikTok and its growth

Though it is very common, if you still do not know then, TikTok is an application available in Android, Windows, and iOS. People use it to create dance videos, lip-syncing videos and talent videos. People use it for fun and entertainment purposes. It is very popular and it seems like it will continue growing. But there are some challenges that TikTok needs to overcome to stay on the top in 2020.

The challenges

The advertisements are the first thing that TikTok needs to focus on. The ads that the app displays must be authentic, safe and engaging. Since the youngsters cover the major part of TikTok users, the advertisements must be influential in a good way.

The second thing that TikTok needs to overcome is safety. TikTok must ensure the safety and security of data and other assets of its users. It is very important to earn the trust of the users in order to stay at the top.

Updates and changes in the application are the last challenges that TikTok will face in its way to the top position. The company must make continuous updates and improvements to its application to ensure better functioning and working of the application.


TikTok is a very famous application, but to stay on the top it will have to overcome three challenges in the near future. These include safety, authentic advertisements and continuous improvements.

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