Samsung’s AKG N400 Quietly Launches Noise-Cancelling Galaxy Buds Plus Rival

Samsung is a company that produces a lot of electronics material including smartphones, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and a lot more. Among all the electronic devices, Samsung’s smartphones and accessories are the most popular in the market.

Samsung’s AKG N400 Quietly Launches Noise-Cancelling Galaxy Buds Plus Rival

Samsung smartphones

Samsung continuously launches new smartphones and their accessories from time- to- time. Also, there are more than 25+ series of Samsung smartphones. Galaxy S20, TRY S20, Galaxy M30, Galaxy Note and many more. People love Samsung for its reliability and durability. Along with smartphones, Samsung provides various accessories including earbuds.

Samsung has a sub-brand namely AKG. AKG is Samsung’s audio brand. It manufactures earbuds, headphones and other audio tools. Therefore, AKG launched a pair of Galaxy earbuds this time.

Galaxy Earbuds

Galaxy earbuds are the first pair of wireless earbuds by Samsung. They got the announcement of their launch quietly by AKG. The earbuds, AKG N400, have a very useful feature of noise cancellation. This feature is attracting a large audience from different areas. People want to use these earbuds and have fun.

AKG N400 Features 

The wireless earbuds, AKG N400, have a lot of features. The most important being the noise cancellation technique. It has a battery life of five hours. Also, it has an ANC feature, using which people can increase battery life for up to six hours. In addition, it is available in three colours, specifically being black, white and blue.


AKG N400 earbuds are really useful. They are wireless and support wireless charging as well. Also, they have a lot of features that can grab a big audience from around the world.

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