TicToc To QuickTake Re-branding by Bloomberg As Focus On OTT News Heightens

With 90 million monthly views, the app is indeed popular.

Bloomberg Media is a consumer-facing media organization and is one of the leading global business and financial media companies that reach a premium audience of more than 80 million consumers. With over 2,700 analysts and journalists across 120 countries, Bloomberg Media Group connects audiences to news and ideas across every platform: TV, radio, digital, print, and live events. Bloomberg Media recently announced that it is rebranding TicToc, the social video news network, to “QuickTake by Bloomberg.” Bloomberg views this as a crucial step for the brand as a whole, as it evolves into a premium global news network that connects social and streaming aspects of modern news seamlessly.

In preparation for the launch of its streaming news channel later in 2020, the new brand will merge with Bloomberg’s existing digital video operations, and add a full team of producers and editors to the newsroom – becoming one editorial studio. Since it’s launch in 2017, TicToc has expanded onto various social screens and platforms, reaching over 90 million views monthly across platforms. The brand had managed to garner a truly global audience, with 46 per cent being international viewers.

TicToc’s Rebranding

TicToc has seen tremendous growth, with a 79% increase in audience size in the last year, and it has a primarily younger demographic. The new QuickTake by Bloomberg brand will significantly increase its robust video offering by combining the content TicToc furnishes with the expertise Bloomberg’s digital video operations team supplies. TicToc’s shorter, one- and two-minute immediate reactions to global news stories will be combined with Bloomberg’s digital video operations – which currently produces much longer five-to ten-minute narratives.

Bloomberg Rebrands TicToc
Bloomberg Rebrands TicToc

By reporting in real-time as news breaks, and providing greater context on more significant issues, QuickTake aims to furnish insights at every stage of a story – all while delivering the right forms of content on the right platforms at each point in the news cycle. TicToc’s rebranding is a strategic evolution of the existing Bloomberg QuickTake brand, and this next iteration of the brand will continue to build on TicToc’s success in delivering short-form videos optimized for social media platforms.

Bloomberg QuickTake

The younger generation of news consumers will have better and quicker access to the biggest breaking news stories, ideas, and issues across business, tech, and culture. John Micklethwait, Bloomberg’s Editor-in-Chief, firmly believes that TicToc’s content delivery model works well with Bloomberg QuickTake. He also believes that both brands deliver concise yet thorough content that explains world events.

He and his team believe that the newly aligned QuickTake studio will prove to be an influential asset in a world where the number of platforms that require high-quality video is multiplying. You can follow QuickTake by Bloomberg on every major social media platform – including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also subscribe to their newsletter.

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