Google Pixel4 Does Not Work With Some USB Cables | Fans are Dismayed

The USB-C to USB-A cables pose problems.

While the Google Pixel4 brings its share of cutting edge features to the smartphone market, there is already a long list of things people dislike about the phone. The small battery capacity is something users are griping about. However, not being able to charge the phone with every charger makes matters worse. The charger itself isn’t what poses the problem – it’s the cable. The Pixel4 does not charge or transfer data with some third-party USB cables. The phone’s reliance on USB Power Delivery enables all USB-C to USB-C cables to work just fine. However, it’s the USB-C to USB-A cables that pose problems with the phone

Google Pixel4 Side
Google Pixel 4 Side

What Is USB Power Delivery And Why It Matters

Google’s Pixel range of smartphones relies on a technology called USB Power Delivery (PD) to charge the phones. You will find this technology in all of Google’s chargers. Since the tech is found on all of Google’s phones (the first Pixel too!), we know that all the phones in the series use the same technology to charge. However, the smartphone will not charge or transfer data when some specific cables are in use. The same wires work correctly with older devices like the Pixel 3. The technology works great and charges at about 15W. The Pixel4 charges fine with other charges that support USB Power Delivery (PD) over USB-C to USB-C connectors. Third-party USB PD products and older Pixel chargers work just as well.

USB-C to USB-C works just fine. However, you will not be able to charge the Pixel4 with USB-A chargers. Quick Charge ports, power banks, and even the standard ports on your laptop or your PC will not work. However, swapping out to another cable may allow you to connect a Pixel 4 to these devices to charge it. If the cable has a purple identifier, it most certainly will not work with the Pixel4. The problem does not stop here.

Google Pixel4
Google Pixel4

Issue With USB Accessories

The Pixel 4 does not work with USB-C to 3.5mm adapters from other companies. In particular, the USB-C to 3.5mm adapters from Huawei and OnePlus do not work. Considering that Google no longer includes an audio adapter in the box, it is irritating. The smartphone does work with the Pixel 3’s audio adapter. The phone does not work with any USB-C HDMI dongle, whereas phones from competing brands like Samsung and Huawei do. However, only a few phones support wired HDMI screen mirroring these days, and it is a rare feature to come by. Regardless, Google is stern about what it does and doesn’t support over a Pixel’s USB-C connector.


Along with its own products, Google is also attempting to dictate stricter terms regarding the design of the chargers and cables on its Android partners’ smartphones. It looks like Google wants all Android devices to support USB-PD. Regardless, while most cables will work with the it, there is a subset of cables that won’t. To ensure that your Pixel 4 works with your power bank, head to Google’s store and grab the official USB-C to USB-A cable.


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