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TikTok donated 100 crores of medical equipment to fight Coronavirus in India

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is a social media platform by a Chinese company. It is famous for creating short videos of lip-syncing, comedy videos, famous dialogues enactment and much more. This app is free to download from the AppStore. Both, Android as well as iOS users can use this app easily. In India, many TikTok users became famous as their videos got viral over the Internet.

TikTok donates 100 crores of medical equipment to fight Coronavirus in India

TikTok’s donation for India

Coronavirus, a virus that emerged from Wuhan city of China, has become a pandemic that has been spreading worldwide. The disease COVID-19 has affected more than 1 million people to date. TikTok donated medical equipment and other supplies to India to help fight this pandemic.

The supplies contain special suits for doctors who have been treating Corona patients. These suits are hazmat suits to protect the doctors and nurses from the infection. Also, TikTok donated masks for people to prevent catching this virus.

While India is under lockdown for 21 days, the doctors and other medical staff have been working tirelessly to cure patients who tested positive for Coronavirus. Tiktok posted on a social media platform, that under such situations, the safety of doctors and other individuals is necessary.

The company will provide more equipment in the near future as they are concerned about the safety of Indian citizens. Also, they have been campaigning worldwide to stay at home and practice social distancing in order to be safe from COVID-19.

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