Viacom has silently launched the Android TV app Viacom 18 for Voot

Much-known Netflix has been in existence for a long time now. A period during which it has enjoyed a fairly good period at the top. But with new industries struggling to match up to Netflix’s business structure, little is known of how long the company may maintain its position at the top.

Viacom has silently launched the Android TV app for Voot

Viacom 18 Network has finally launched the popularly known Voot service for Android, IOS, and web.

Along with brand new content, the company has introduced a new parental lock feature, some content recommendation and an inventory that consists of 17000+ hours of the most popular shows from their own network and licensed properties.

The section of the on-demand television has been getting huge traffic of late with local programming platforms such as Hotstar gaining popularity within the region and other international players such as Netflix also breaking the market.

All about Viacom 18’s Platform

The Viacom 18’s platform hopes to make intends to take advantage of this slowly rising market and digging into its own wide array of content and making it public to most viewers.

The network offers diversity in content with a large library in comedy, drama, reality TV as well as kids shows. And the library isn’t limited either as it keeps growing gradually and offers a wide and broad future.

The Viacom network is also giving a big push having 4 original shows to its network. Some are already lined up and more are set to come with time.

The network is hoping to have a large and extensive library of content that is genuine and original.

The app also has a kids section that can be secured via a 4-digit PIN. This makes it easier to monitor what young ones are watching and filter and quarantine all that they shouldn’t watch.

It generally makes parental guidance easy to implement and less draining.

Along with that, there is also a “Mix It Up” feature in the kids’ section. It allows the viewers to shake the smartphone in order to switch the view and choose an alternative show.

Viacom 18 has also gone as far as to pay attention to the Social media aspect of show watching.  Also, it has included the ability to give reactions to shows which can, later on, be highlighted as well.

Viacom 18 streaming Services

The app Viacom 18 sees this as a new step ahead of other channels. Also, it’s dedicated streaming services in highlighting individual user’s comments in the “Just For You” section.

This system will help review specific channels or shows. Also, it will recommend them to the user in relation to what they had either watched before or what they are watching regularly.

The app’s main method of income is through adverts. Because there are no premium forms are available as of now. Though there is a consideration that may take place for this kind of monetization.

In a nutshell, this app signifies the clear digital migration from cable TV to a more digitized on-demand streaming services module.


There is so much to say, as this is just a start for the channel. Hence, it is yet to see if this platform will one day be able to grow enough to compete in the big leagues with the likes of Netflix and local Hotstar.

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