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Xbox Live Memberships

There are several users who usually asked questions regarding the levels of membership for Xbox Live. Welcome here in this article we have given all the details regarding the Xbox Live levels along with its working.

Xbox Live Memberships

Initially, there are two levels of membership for Xbox life that is free and gold. The free membership is also known as the silver membership in which the user does not need to pay any sort of amount for using the services.

While using the free membership or at the free level there are some limited features given to the users. The pictures that the user can use in free membership include:

    • Creating a network
    • Creating the friend lists
    • Getting the previews of the game
    • from the Zune network, the content will be streamed
    • Downloading the games and add-ons just by visiting the Xbox Live Marketplace
    • Communication with the Xbox Live users by sending and receiving messages as text or voice
    • With the help of Video Kinect (for Kinect owners), the users can easily make a video call as well.

Xbox Live Memberships Gold

The subscription of the Xbox Live Gold depends and differs on the basis of the cost factors. You can easily get the subscription cards for Xbox Live Gold according to the time period.  By spending just $25 you can easily get the three months subscription and by spending $60 you can get the subscription for 12 months.

Xbox Live Memberships Gold

Microsoft, as well as other vendors, runs limited period specials on a subscription when it comes to both for the cards and for buying from the Xbox dashboard. By availing the Gold Xbox Live Memberships, the members can easily get the features included in the free membership pack and along with that the additional benefits available for the users include:

    • An online gameplay that is very interactive
    • Video content from Netflix
    • User can also enjoy the online TV shows and music and movies from Hulu Plus
    • user can enjoy the live sports events streaming by using the ESPN on Xbox life
    • Also, users can enjoy the social networking experience with Twitter and Facebook
    • Radio can be streamed from the Last FM
    • Users can also enjoy the music streaming selections from Zune.

It all depends upon the choice of the user that what type of membership he wants. In case you don’t want to spend much time and money on Xbox Live then he can easily go for the free membership and incase he loves the Xbox live and want to avail more features regarding the same then we can use the gold package as well.

The best part about Xbox live memberships is that the package can easily be availed according to the time period. Sometimes it happens that the users want to get the membership for a specific period of time just like for 1 month or 3 months. In such a case they can easily purchase the small pack of $25.

If the user is having a lot of time and wants to get the subscription for one year then as per the details stated above he can spend $60 for the same.

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