Realme XT Review

Realme has launched numerous smartphones in 2019 and very tough to maintain the count. It is also not possible or much easier to differentiate their devices. However, Realme XT has a distinctive feature and thanks to the available 64MP (megapixel) camera. Realme XT Review is too good. This could be the first Smartphone to launch within the Indian marketplace with Sensor availability. Moreover, it does not have any competition until Xioami launched this week the all-new Redmi Note 8 Pro model.

Realme XT Review

Those two devices come with the same Samsung’s Sensor quality, but their image qualities are differentiated by their fine-tuning. However, the Realme XT model is placed within the Realme X and Realme 5 Pro models.

Similar to other “T” models that are priced higher when compared to the standard variant, The Realme XT model is very much cheaper than the Realme X model.

In addition, it features a pop-up camera that is placed on the front-side and 48MP camera with a sensor set up at the rear-side.

Moreover, this smart phone’s biggest highlight is the 64 MP (megapixel) cameras, Realme XT model includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor, VOOC 3.0 fast charging, and a premium design.

This Smartphone is priced at Rs 16,000 which can target the mid-value segment and competing with Samsung M30S, Vivo Z1X, and Redmi Note 8 Pro. Will the 64MP (megapixel) camera can deliver a difference; let us discuss this Realme XT review.

Design – Realme XT

The prime focus of Realme is to offer value for money and affordable segment, but this never stopped them from providing the best appearance and a premium design. Similar to Realme X, the all-new XT model also looks with great design.

The phone’s rear-side will include the pearl white look to make it classical. The top left corner has a quad-lens camera module that is vertically stacked along with a 64-megapixel sensor and highlighted the same by concentric circles.

The phone’s front panel has water-drop notch (which is commonly-seen) along with the bottom noticeable chin. It also includes a Type-C USB port charging and a headphone jack. As usual, the power or wake button and the volume changers are placed at the right and left sides respectively.

It claims that Realme XT is much protected by using the Corning Gorilla 5 Glass on both the rear & front sides along with a plastic frame.

On the website, the phone weighs around 183 grams but with the help of well-balanced weight distribution, you can feel it much lightweight. It comes with a 6.4-inch display and easy to fit inside your trouser pockets. It is easy to carry and also quite compact.

Overall, the all-new Realme XT model is good-looking, slim, and sturdy that is value for your money. The device’s durability is enhanced by providing a complimentary screen guard and a clear soft case out-of-the-box.

Performance & Battery Life – Realme XT

The XT model comes with the best Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor. The similar chipset model is utilized on numerous mid-value devices such as Vivo Z1Pro.

It comes with an internal storage space of 128 GB and a RAM capacity of 8 GB. Based on the latest Android 9 version Pie, it runs on ColorOS version 6.0.1. Even the user interface is similar to Realme 5 Pro & Realme X models.

Realme XT Review Performance & Battery Life

The phone comes with pre-installed apps such as WPS Office, UC browser, Facebook, and others. It is also possible for users to remove unwanted apps at any time. It also includes 8 GB RAM to run the phone seamlessly.

You can perform smooth multitasking and also load the apps quickly. Without any hassle, you can execute the high-end gaming titles on the Realme XT model.

Users can even play the PUBG and Call of Duty games on this mobile phone. However, after utilizing the phone for long hours of gaming it may heat slightly. But the overall performance could be much satisfactory.

It comes with fast charging of the VOOC 3.0 variant and includes 4000 mAh battery. With a full charge of heavy usage, you can utilize the battery life for an entire day.

Realme XT Camera

The Realme XT model looks similar to a combination of both Realme X & Realme 5 Pro. This model makes it more popular because of its 64-megapixel quad-camera system. In fact, the first model of Realme (referred to as Realme XT) comes with a 64-megapixel camera while Xiaomi is planning to launch Redmi Note 8 Pro in the Indian market. Those two mobiles will utilize the ISOCELL GW1 sensor of 64MP.

Similar to the 48MP sensor, you can get 4-in-1 pixel from 64MP binning technology to combine the four different 16MP shots to deliver one detailed & bright image. Besides a 64MP high-resolution sensor, the Realme XT phone also includes a depth sensor of 2MP, a Macro lens of 2MP, and also Ultra wide-angle lens of 8MP.

This optics is also available on the Realme 5 Pro model as well. The EIS Support gets the main camera to deliver HDR (High Definition Resolution), Chroma Boost, and Nightscape.

The front camera of Realme XT offers Sony IMX471 16MP camera sensor. The default 16-megapixel can be used only in a few conditions and most of them opt to utilize the Ultra 64MP mode to snap the high-resolution images of 9216 x 6912.

In case, if you prefer to capture more detailed images then you can choose the raw 64-megapixel mode. With the help of this mode, the image can be zoomed in to get the bright & detailed information from a far distance. It is also quite impressive even under the ideal lighting conditions.

Camera – Additional Features

The 16-megapixel default mode, the daylight attractive images can be captured to offer good clarity and brightness. It can also deliver a wide dynamic range by enabling HDR mode.

The Chroma Boost can utilize some punchy colors to look over-saturated. If the Chroma Boost is disabled then the camera will automatically boost the colors with the help of AI scene detection.

Realme Xt Review Camera

The camera also provides numerous modes such as ultra-wide-angle, slow-motion, nightscape, portrait, panorama, time-lapse, expert, and video. The camera with ultra-wide-angle will offer to capture different subject perspective or wider frame view. However, it includes some noise during the daylight conditions.

It also includes an unnecessary 2MP macro camera, while the main camera will provide better-looking macros with the help of the AI scene.

However, it cannot much closer even to the subject. The macro lens of the 2MP camera can help you to get closer to its subject but it is not possible to obtain good brightness or details. The Nightscape is supported by this camera even in low-light settings.

The camera will not work much better during extreme low-light situations but it can deliver some detailed and bright images. After sunset, it can offer some amount of unnatural or natural light to capture good photos.

Indian Pricing – Realme XT

You have three different variants available on the Realme XT Smartphone. The top-end variant is priced at Rs 18,999 (128 GB Internal storage and 8 GB RAM capacity), the next variant is priced at Rs 16,999 (64 GB Internal storage and 6 GB RAM), and the basic variant at Rs 15,999 (64 GB Internal storage and 4 GB of RAM).

On 16th September, this Smartphone is available for sell on all Realme India Online store and as well as on Flipkart.

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