Xiaomi Invests In Workindia, An Indian Recruitment Tech Start-Up

The Chinese smartphone giant, Xiaomi, after exploring the arenas of digital lending, vernacular social platforms, and other mobility start-ups in India, has taken a new and keen interest in the recruitment tech space.

Xiaomi Invests In Workindia, An Indian Recruitment Tech Start-Up

WorkIndia is an Indian blue-collar recruitment platform that has recently come in the news. It is aiding Xiaomi while raising a massive INR 42 crores for the company. Previously, it has worked with multiple investment companies, which includes Beenext and Japanese hedge fund Asuka Investments among the others.

This Mumbai-based company is about five years old and has grown to become one of the most significant blue-collar recruitment players in the country. It has shown over 2.1 crore unique app sessions every month, along with 1.5 registered job seekers across 763 cities in India.

More About WorkIndia

The AI-enabled platform of WorkIndia has created a massive buzz in the recruitment sectors of the country. To add to it, the merger with Xiaomi has brought along higher potentials for the start-up. WorkIndia uses cutting-edge technology that uses the geo-positioning and dynamic algorithms to help candidates find jobs depending on their skillset, and desired locations.

Earlier in 2014, Xiaomi was merely a name, but in recent times, it has become a leader in the second-largest market for smartphones and tech devices. It aims to bring in innovation and renovate the recruitment market.

Lately, the Chinese smartphone giant had confirmed that it would invest about the US $1 billion in India to create an all-new ecosystem for the market for smartphones and tech devices.

Proving right to its words, recently, Xiaomi has invested about US$18.2 million in the Bengaluru-based vernacular social platform, Sharechat, in 2018. Later in the year, it invested in Samosa Labs and ZestMoney. The other companies that have done business with Xiaomi in the recent past are TouchTalent, Chalo, and Oye Rickshaw.

People across India can browse job opportunities with various filter options and preferences. It allows users to apply for the selected job in just a click or a call from the WorkIndia app itself. WorkIndia aims to provide its services even in remote locations that have poor connectivity and is now gaining smartphone frequency.

Just like Xiaomi, which has always backed innovation, WorkIndia also aims to bring in new and innovative ideas to create sharp plans for both employees and employers.

The Endnote

WorkIndia says that with the new substantial funding coming their way, they look forward to strengthening their tech backend while improving the predictive and matchmaking analytics for a more real-time experience for users. While Xiaomi stresses on leveraging the high penetrative market in India to expand and grow in the country, the market will experience an enormous boom.

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