Garmin Vivomove Style vs. Vivomove Luxe

Initiated as a helpful tool and later swayed by fashion, watches have found their place on the wrists of great people. Along with the gradual evolution, the intelligence upgradation has led to an increase in the smartness of even the watches. This leads to the invention of a great number of smartwatches to date.

Garmin Vivomove Style vs. Vivomove Luxe

Many famous brands came out with creative and technologically advanced smartwatches recently. Initially, there were traditional watches. These could only show us time. But the smartwatches these days have multiple features, like heart-rate sensing, counting steps. Some more are SMS, and calls receiving features, linking with our smartphones, and much more.

About Garmin Vivomove Style and Vivomove Luxe

Garmin Vivomove Style and Vivomove Luxe are a bridge between traditional watches and the smartwatches. These watches are apparently very decent looking but have multiple hidden features to offer. Both have hidden AMOLED touchscreen display. These watches look ordinary but can do much more than solely showing us time.

Garmin Vivomove Style vs. Vivomove Luxe

Both the watches are almost the same in terms of their features. But if we talk about what’s different, we are more inclined towards stating its outer appearance. Garmin Vivomove Style is simply stylish. It caters to many needs and offers multiple features at comparatively low rates.

Vivomove Luxe is more inclined towards its fashionable looks. It is designed keeping in mind multiple features coupled with its classy looks. This watch is expensive than Garmin Vivomove Style, given its looks. It comes with a stainless-steel case and bezel. You can buy its three variants in terms of color, i.e. Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

There are two types of bands available, an Italian leather band and a Milanese metal band. Garmin Vivomove Style has Gorilla Glass 3 lens. But the more expensive one, i.e. Vivomove Luxe acquires a dome-shaped and Sapphire Crystal Lens.

Common Features

Both are the latest additions by Garmin in the watch market. Both, apparently have the same smart features. Both are smart enough to track your activity and sleep hours. They can monitor your heart rate and you easily with GPS. Another striking feature is stress and hydration tracking.

It has a feature that can monitor body energy and battery. It analyses the stress, sleep, hydration levels and the variability in heart rates. Then helps in determining the body energy levels. It can monitor oxygen levels in the blood also. It enables the connection with Garmin Pay too.

There is another great feature. This watch enables us to schedule our rest and exercise time. This watch helps us take care of our health. That’s great! No? Both have 0.95” * 0.75” AMOLED display screen. Both have water resistance up to 5 ATM of pressure. Once charged, this can remain active without complete drainage of battery for up to 5 days.


In all, if we talk about the features, both of them are almost the same. They offer the same technological advancements and at the same time, the same pitfalls. The only difference lies in their appearance. If you are a fashionable person and have enough fortunes to spend extra on Vivomove Luxe, for its looks. Well! Go for Vivomove Luxe. But if you want the decent, classy looks along with the features both have to offer, go for Garmin Vivomove Style, it being more affordable.

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