Best Games on Google Play Pass 2020

There are thousands of games available on Google Play. Google Play doesn’t stop there. They keep introducing new Android games each year. So, just you do not miss out on something interesting we are familiarizing you with the best games on Google Play Pass in 2020.

Best Games on Google Play Pass 2020

Games on Google Play Pass spread happiness and joy among kids and adults. Anyone can play games, playing virtual games does not require any gender, age, or knowledge. Google Play understands this and thus, has categories of games for Kids, Adults, and Aged. All the games are amazing, easy to play and definitely a perfect way to kill boredom.

So, check out our list of Best Google Play games that you might love in 2020, keep playing, keep scoring and keep learning with Google Play.


Start playing Crush-o-mania, a game played by millions of players all around the world. This is undoubtedly a perfect game for kids and teens. This is a puzzle-based game with around 1000 levels and more. As you move ahead and cross levels, the difficulty factor keeps rising as well, and that’s what makes it a complete power-packed game for any age group.

The game is exclusively available on Google Play. This game is simple; you just have to drag and match the fruits and progress to the next level. This will not only increase your object identifying ability but also help you compete with your opponents and win the battle. So, download this game today, forget all your worries and play this game to lighten your mood.


This is a game that lies beyond future car racing games. An incredible high-speed car racing game is enough to skip your heartbeat. The game splits into three major phases. First, it starts with time trials that you have to pass to move ahead in your game. So, download this game today and see how far you can go in speed and what you get in winning.

Call Of Duty

Many of you might be familiar with this game or at least might have heard about it. This is because the game is phenomenal and was the best mobile game in 2019 and it is still continuing.

One reason why it gained much popularity is because of the owners i.e. Tencent Company who owns many other huge mobile games such as PUBG. The fan base increases and people started preferring COD over any other android mobile game.

This game is free and features multiplayer modes including Battle Royale. In this, you can customize load-outs, get ranks as per your performance and win prizes. This game is a perfect way to build up your self-esteem.


When you seek for a game that includes strategies plus fun, then TROPICO is worth considering. In this, cast in the role of El Presidente, you have to develop your Caribbean and see if you can find some gems along the way.

This is a unique game because it has a blend of building strategies and thinking ability. This game’s a lot more fun than you think. This gaming app is ad-free, has zero cost and a great thing is you can play it offline.

The Room: Old Sins

This is a puzzle series and is in its Fourth Edition: Old Sins. The game plot concerns the disappearance of a couple. Using the hints or clues hidden in the room you have to search the couple by focusing on the puzzle, abiding all the rules and instructions.

This mysterious and fantasy game is enough to make you addicted to Old sins. If you have not played the old versions, then get familiar and jump onto this latest version of The Room available.

Hades Star

This is the best Sci-fi RTS themed android game available on the Google Play. This game gives you a tour of the fantasy galaxy where you rule and win. A strategic yet easy game to play and is rightfully selected as the best games of 2020.

Hade’s star, a star where you colonize, construct and customize your own spaceship, launch them and research new technologies to reach the other side of the galaxy or beyond. It’s a multiplayer game that lets you interact and plan on tricky missions with your partner to reach your last destination. If you are a Sci-fiction lover, this is a perfect game for you that Google Play has come up within 2020.

Nfl Football

Here comes another best game on Google Pass for Football fans out there. A game full of strategy, moves and teamwork, is enough to build your self-confidence and leadership quality. Build a team of good players, guide, instruct and goal at the very end to win the victory.

This game not only features better controls but has real NFL legends from years far gone. The console version NFL is better than the Android one. It’s an online streaming game, ad-free, cost-free and exclusively available only on Google Play.

Real Racing 3

It time to speed up with the re-created Real Car Racing game, which is popular among kids and teens. Interestingly, besides the map modification, Real Racing 3 has an impressive line up of cars from Ferrari, Martin, Benz, Lamborghini and many more.

Enter into the basic level and reach the topmost level. This realistic graphic game is booming in 2020 among many teens and adults. The app is available on Google play, has no ads and is not free to access.

High Flyer

An easy and AI interface gameplay, which is preferred by many individuals worldwide. As the game progresses, you have to face more challenging and strategic steps or levels, while you have a choice to opt among hot air balloon or an umbrella. So, get ready to play this game. The High Flyer is easily available of Google Play, its ad-free, online and free to access the game.

Experience the best-rated games on Google Play which are ad-free and free to access on any Android version phones.

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