Google Assistant Can Read Web Pages You Aloud, Available Today On Android

If you are someone who prefers podcasts over reading long pages, then the all-new feature from Google Assistant has made it easier. Google has introduced its new feature READ IT. All you have to do is remember 4 words, that is Google Assistant, Read it.

Google Assistant Can Read Web Pages You Aloud, Available Today On Android

The feature will help you by reading out long paragraphs for you which you can just sit back and listen to. You can even ask your Google Assistant to read out a 1000-2000 word article for you while you are doing some other work.

The feature is going to be a great help for the visually impaired people. It can also translate the content into 42 different languages, out of which 11 are Indian languages. The Assistant works only in English as of now, but it will surely support other languages in the future.

This feature of Google Assistant will also work in a 2G network apart from the 4G network and Wi-Fi. The translator will help its users to translate the content in any language of their choice.

How can you enable this feature?

      • Download Google Assistant from Google Play Store, in case you do not have it already.
      • Just ask the Assistant to read out the content of a particular page and it will start reading out loud for you.
      • You can highlight important points on the page
      • You can even control the reading speed of the content


The only limitation of this feature is that the Google Assistant doesn’t edit the typos made in the content. It will read the content as it is no matter how many spelling mistakes or typing mistakes are there.

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