Google Bans Nearly 600 Android Apps, Cites ‘Disruptive Ads’

Google is a multinational company that works nearly on every computer, laptop, and smartphone. A large number of people use Google on a daily basis. It is one of the most famous search engines, app provider and technological advisors that numerous people use across the globe.

Google Bans Nearly 600 Android Apps, Cites ‘Disruptive Ads’

Advertisements on Google

It is completely free for everyone, but still, it is one of the richest companies in the world. Have you ever wondered how? The reason behind this is ‘Advertisement’. Advertisements are the most important part of Google and its services. The advertising technology of Google and its applications is the basic way of its earnings.

Google Bans Around 600 Android apps

Since Google largely depends on advertisements, it ensures the safety and security of its users. It ensures that the advertisements that Google applications display are absolutely authentic, trustworthy and safe. Google wants its users to be safe and secure.

But there are some application developers that have been continuously violating the Google terms and conditions. These apps were showcasing disruptive and unaccepted advertisements that Google does not permit.

Due to this, Google put up a ban on these applications declaring them malicious. There were around 600 Android apps that got a ban by Google due to this reason. Google is ensuring complete authenticity and security.


Google is very safe and secure. People use it for downloading various applications because of its authenticity and safety. Hence Google Bans almost 600 Android applications and it is again the proof of its security and reliability.

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