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The Best Virtual Reality Apps For 2019

The next big thing among Gen Z is the increasingly familiar sight of a rectangular headset worn over the eyes, with a broad smile to match. That’s right, we are talking about the bets virtual reality apps that is taking the technology and gadgets market on a storm! This head-mounted device provides a virtual reality (VR) experience to the wearer and is widely used for video games, applications, simulators and much more, providing a VR interaction like never before!

The Best Virtual Reality Apps For 2019

If you’ve bagged the best virtual reality apps and are wondering how to get started with discovering and using this marvel, here are the 10 best virtual reality apps that are going to have you absolutely hooked onto your headset!

1. InCell VR

If you think virtual reality apps are all about fun, games, and leisure, InCell VR is here to challenge the idea! This educational game teaches children about the human body and basic biology by playing a human defender set in the 2100s who fights a plague of virus and germs while traveling in a micro-world of recreated cells. It’s a great way to introduce fun learning for kids and make gadget time productive. With engaging visuals and brilliant sound effects, InCell VR is a fun pass time for adults too! It also comes in non-VR functionalities through a touch experience.

InCell VR

2. Google Expeditions

For those of you looking to travel the world without breaking your bank account, Google Expeditions comes to the rescue. This app helps you see the marvels of the world in VR across a whopping 900 tours. So whether its scaling Mount Everest that has your fancy or the Roman ruins calling you, trust Google Expeditions to get you there in VR. What’s more, you can share trips to other headsets and travel with your bunch of friends!

Google Expeditions

3. Within

Fancy an app that gets together VR content creators from various walks of life to give you a unified stream of stellar videos, TV shows, news, movies, animated content and lots more? Well, Within makes it possible! They even create their own video series like the much-acclaimed ‘The Possible’ which touches upon technology in various realms of our world. What’s more, this app is absolutely free. Download it today and find VR material on scores of subjects that pique your interest.

Within VR App

4. New York Times VR (NY TVR)

With games, education, travel and everything on the VR landscape, can you expect news to stay far behind? With NYT VR, you can catch all the happenings in the world of politics, climate, sports, fashion, etc by slipping your VR headset on. Aside from this, NYT VR is working towards 360 filmmaking using VR technology to immerse viewers in a vast library of videos ranging from behind the scenes with rock bands, medical experiments, surgeries and a whole lot more!

New York Times VR

5. YouTube

YouTube has made its way into being one of the most basic and ubiquitous video streaming websites in the modern world. It is no surprise then, that YouTube too would chance upon the VR wave to come out with YouTube VR. From wildlife to music, find yourself gaping at VR content that’s engaging and intriguing. Originally designed to sync with Google Daydream and Google Cardboard, Google’s very own VR initiatives, YouTube VR is now supported on all Android-supported VR headsets.

YouTube Virtual Reality App

6. Star Chart

The reach of imagination, innovation, and content in VR has surpassed earthly realms to reach for space! Star Chart VR is a real-time space simulation application that gives you the feeling of floating around in space. With accurate locations & real-time locations of celestial bodies, this app takes visual experiences of space from your TV set or tablet a couple of notches above. Feel free to explore the planets or zoom into the Sun for a bird-eye view of our space marvels. This VR app is a great way to make learning fun for your kids.

Star Chart Virtual Reality

7. Fulldive VR

Social media cant be too far behind in the race for jumping on the VR bandwagon, can it? Fulldive VR is your complete social media experience on a virtual reality platform complete with creating and sharing content, adding friends & photos, reacting to, commenting on & sharing content and a whole lot more! Think of it as a communication network based on VR for all things VR and beyond. On Fulldive, you also have a chance to come across a lot of other interesting apps and games based on VR.

Fulldive Virtual reality



RYOT is a repertoire of VR documentaries available both on Android & iOS. This app is free and is the perfect platform you can get on if you want to know a little about something new every day. Gadget time for kids can be made productive and fun by watching short documentaries on RYOT VR whose topics range from war, earthquakes, refugees and other real-world stuff.


9. Virtual Desktop

Navigating your computer through virtual reality is now possible thanks to Virtual Desktop. Whether it is working on a spreadsheet, watching online content, playing games or just surfing through the internet, Virtual Desktop offers it all on a platform that’s virtual and yet real. This application is not free and comes with a price tag of $14, although we think it would certainly be worth a try. What’s more, it lets you work on multiple-monitor computers too. All you need to do is sway your headset back and form to move between screens seamlessly.

Virtual Desktop

10. Oculus Rift

Haven’t we all imagined what lies in the deepest crevices of the ocean? While getting down there in person may not be that easy for all of us considering diving certifications et al, viewing the hidden nooks of the underwater world is now possible through VR. Oculus Rift is a VR based application that gives you a chance to observe the oh so intriguing marine life that borders from fascinating to dangerous. For a peaceful vibe, you can even use this application to simply experience the feeling of floating in the water and observing the fish sailing.

Oculus Rift VR app

Wrap Up

With inroads into such diverse domains and content, virtual reality has a whole lot to offer in terms of content, learning & knowledge, leisure, entertainment and so much more. Experts say we are only just exploring the superficial offerings of VR and there are a lot more advancements to surface in this space in the coming years. All we can say is hold onto your headsets tight and enjoy the ride!

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