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How To Download Music From SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an on-demand service where people can stream music.

SoundCloud, a European online audio distribution platform, is a Berlin-based entity. It has gained popularity in recent years along with a reputation for being one of the best music sharing platforms out there. While streaming is the latest trend, you just cannot relax unless you have a local collection of music that you can access regardless of your internet connection, streaming subscription, and other factors. Sometimes, however, downloading a track is not as simple as simply paying the fee and downloading it. SoundCloud is an on-demand service where people can stream music through its website and mobile application. They also make a ton of revenue with the ads.

Download Music From SoundCloud
Download Music From SoundCloud

SoundCloud also has an unlimited membership if you want to listen to the tracks without being disturbed by the adverts. This membership will also get you offline access to the apps. However, most songs available on the platform can also be gotten for free. With the membership prices being a little too steep, let’s see what other option we have. You can download songs from SoundCloud by either clicking on the small download icon in the lower-left corner or by using an online extractor. Let’s explore them in detail.

Download Music From Soundcloud

SoundCloud gives the artists an option to make their tracks downloadable. If the artists choose to do so, you will be able to download it easily. However, you will only be able to download one track at a time. As of now, there is no way you can download the entire playlist. If you want to download a track, simply tap on the Download button located below the track. If you don’t find it, it could be because the artist has chosen not to make it

Download From SoundCloud
Download From SoundCloud


Online Extractor 

If you don’t find the option of downloading the song or audio track on SoundCloud, never fear. We have an alternative to help you out. This involves using an online extractor. What essentially happens here is that you run the specific URL of the track through an online extractor. You will then be able to retrieve the audio file from the firm’s server. It is a great way of downloading your favourite tracks.

First, find the track that you want to download on SoundCloud. Once you do, simply copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your browser. Make your way to the KlickAud website. Paste the copied URL there. Click on the Download button. You are done! The track will download, and you can now listen to it offline as well.

Wrapping Up

While most of us may be happy to pay the subscription fee for an ad-free experience, it does put a damper on things if the fee is very steep. In that case, you can use one of the above two options to continue listening to your favourite tracks offline and without any disturbances. Check it out and see if it works for you!

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