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How to Use the Houseparty App on Android

Houseparty is a creation of Life on Air Inc., who created a sensational app -Meerkat earlier. Since the launch of the app on Google Play and iOS App store, millions of netizens have downloaded it globally.

How to Use the Houseparty App on Android

It is currently in the 18th position among the best apps & 3rd in the social media category.

What is Houseparty?

Houseparty is a video calling app in which you can video call to your friends or family, with as many simultaneous connections and multiple parties as you want. It is an extremely handy app to connect people far away from their friends and family.

How is it different from other video calling apps?

Initially, it looks similar to Facetime or Skype, but it is a lot different. In Houseparty, you can have video calling with eight people at once. The group’s creation of video chats is its unique feature.

Houseparty notifies your friends about your presence at the house. As you enter the home, your friends know that you’re in the house and available for video calling fun via this app. Pretty cool stuff!

Why Life on Air (Meerkat developer) created Houseparty? 

App developer Life on Air had earlier developed live-streaming app “Meerkat,” which got sensation but the rival app – Periscope beats it. But the team continued to fire up its think tank to bring up an app to connect people and they have found a way now.

Meerkat’s COO and Co-founder Sima Sistani, in an interview with Business Insider, said, “When we were able to pull away from the hype and look at Meerkat’s numbers, what was clear to us was that we hadn’t succeeded in building something that was a daily habit, that achieved our mission of connecting people in most human way possible when physically apart.”

How to register and use Houseparty?

Once you download and install the app from Google Play, open the app.

Step I: Upon opening, tap on the Yellow button, saying ‘Sign Up.’

Step II: App will ask for your details. Fill in all aspects such as Name, Username, Password, and Email ID

Step III: App will ask for your contact. You’ll receive an OTP. Enter and Verify OTP.

Step IV: App will ask for a few permissions of Location, contact list, and Notification. Allow access.

That’s it. You’re ready to use the app.

How to use Houseparty? 

Step I: Upon registration, you’ll land on the homepage. The app will search for your friend’s presence in the Contact book and Facebook. If you’re only one, you’ll get the message, “You’re the first one here.”

Step II: Click on + (with emo) on the top right corner to send invites to your friends for a Houseparty. Once your friends get the app and establish a connection, you all will get on the video call.

The “An Apple on Apple store” is the other name of the Houseparty App. Most people are in love with this app and it is spreading quickly as the best video-chat app.

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