Huawei’s Alternative to Google Maps

The Giants war continues...

It’s no surprise that Huawei and the U.S. have had their fair share of controversies for a while now. This has led to the ban on Huawei in the United States. So, the thing threatens the partnership between the company and U.S. based Google. As a result, Huawei’s alternative to Google Maps news is rolling out on the internet.

Huawei’s Alternative to Google Maps

Deal with Dutch Digital Mapping

Huawei has since then been searching for alternatives to the services. Therefore, they got off of Google, which has also included the development of a new alternative Operating System to that of Google’s Android.

Now the company has gone further to sign a deal with the Dutch digital mapping company TomTom. It will help Huawei to put maps on its phones.

Apparently, the deal was closed some time ago and was only made public on the 19th of January 2020.

TomTom maintains a number of self-branded applications on both IOS and Android operating systems. Huawei still hopes to build a variety of its applications with TomTom’s traffic and map information.

Full-fledged mapping system

Previous reports have also claimed that the Chinese mobile phone company is building a full-fledged mapping system that will work as an alternative to the Google Maps feature in Android devices.

This software would obviously be made available for application developers and is said to be using data from Huawei’s own telecom base stations in collaboration with Russian tech giant Yandex.

The TomTom deal could mean that the Chinese company needs an alternative solution while they develop on their own map system or that the company is just backing away from the deal altogether.

Either way, tables have been set and signatures have been exchanged so there’s no backing down now.

More About Huawei’s Alternative to Google Maps

Huawei had a good run while it had access to Google services. Also, it did a fairly good job with the system too until the Trump administration placed a couple of sanctions on the company. Last year that threatened its ties with American tech companies.

For now, the company is still using the Android operating system. However, the future of this partnership is still unclear which has led the company to develop its own Harmony OS.

The one thing that’s sure is that the new state of things makes it difficult to predict the future of the Chinese company, even TomTom is now going to have to depend less on Google and have to come out as a Huawei counterpart.

Phones By Huawei

Most of the phones that are currently releasing by Huawei. It is still bearing the Google Android tag and has a lot of Google’s features. Hence, the new change in Huawei’s devices is yet to be seen. We expect these new changes in the near future when Huawei releases its new flagship devices.

It s also unclear if current Huawei owners will have their devices shut down or not so yet again we just want to see how things will play out.


Who knows, maybe this small misunderstanding can be brought to a halt in future so that we can continue enjoying clean and smart Huawei devices (and no am not talking in terms of Sony’s spiderman scenario- or am I).

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