Mindustry: The Ultimate Sandbox Tower Defense Game For Android 2020

Mindustry has grown to become one of the most favourite tower defence games for Android. 

There are probably a hundred tower defence games available in the Google Play Store. But not all of them offer engaging and in-depth gameplay as does Mindustry. With a fetching strategy and attractive gameplay, Mindustry has grown to become one of the most favourite tower defence games for Android.

What is Mindustry?

Mindustry is a hybrid tower defence sandbox factory game that requires the player to create a sumptuous supply chain of conveyor belts. This is then used to feed ammunition into the turrets. The player needs to produce materials for making buildings and structures and defend them from enemy attacks. It is a multiplayer game where users fight with other server players to protect their towers. It was initially developed as a ‘machinery’ themed game back in 2017.


With several updates and new versions flowing in, Mindustry has now become a polished and versatile game to engage in. Not only is Mindustry particular about its strategies and gaming, but it also stresses on precise taps and clicks for valid commands. To unlock new arenas and explore these areas, players need to meet various objectives from time to time. It is an entirely open-ended game that can be customized as per the player’s ease.


Mindustry is compatible with most platforms like Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Macintosh operating systems, and GNU/Linux. It is available for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OSX 10.9+.


Mindustry involves great gameplay to not only protect your supply lines but also to mine resources and build up more defence. It needs the players to understand the game and plan out their approach and strategies. It also has a tutorial to give you an idea about the overall attitude that players must-have throughout the game.  If you do not have an essential strategy to go about the gameplay, there are most chances that the bots or AI enemies will soon wreck your base by bypassing your defence.

Mindustry allows you to set up your own custom servers or local networks, create and edit maps, create a custom player, and control almost every aspect of the game as much as you like. As you keep playing the game further, the game evolves and unlocks various stages only to overwhelm you with challenges and twists. There are more than 12 re-playable built-in zones with randomized spawn points. You can also collect and store resources to build more buildings and structures to safeguard your tower.

System Requirements

Mindustry only requires you to have up to 1 GB free memory and 100 MB available space for the game. Apart from this, it works on any graphics that have OpenGL 2.0 support or anything above it. Mindustry is one of the best tower games in 2020 so far. If you have not installed it already, go ahead and try to mash those enemies down with hefty buildings and sharp strategies.

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