One Plus 7 Pro 5g Model Finally Receiving Android 10 Update

For all the One Plus fans out there, this is great news that the One Plus 7 Pro 5G has got its Android 10 update.

One Plus supports 5G internet connectivity which makes this One Plus model more reliable and powerful in all aspects. The Oxygen0S 10.0.4 underwent distinct public concerns and disputes.

One Plus 7 Pro 5g Model Finally Receiving Android 10 Update

But, now finally the model receives the latest Android Oxygen0S version. One Plus is nucleating this new update in a quite staged manner. Not all users will get this update initially.

Since the company is still testing for any possible bugs in the functioning that might hamper overall phone performance.

But, once they experience hassle-free functioning of this new Oxygen OS 10.0.4 version, the company will broaden its usage worldwide in all the One Plus 7 Pro 5G variant.

What’s new?

Let’s see what this new Android version adds to the pre-existing features in this phone.

      • New UI enhanced design
      • With this new system, you can intensify location permission
      • You can change the icon shape to display in the Quick settings option
      • Fully automated gestures like it integrate a bottom navigation bar to allow switching from right to left or visa-versa is available
      • Better gaming experience
      • Ambient display
      • Block spam messages call by keywords

These are some of the features the new Android 10 adds to One Plus 7 Pro 5G variant. The company’s owner will make the announcements on further features shortly.

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