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PS5 logo revealed at CES 2020

While 106 million PS4 console systems were sold worldwide

At CES 2020, which lasted from 7th Jan to 10th Jan, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, took the stage to reveal sales figures of their Play Station 4 console and VR systems. Not just that, he also revealed the logo of their new PlayStation 5 and briefly mentioned some hardware features that this new PlayStation 5 will be focusing on. They will disclose more information about PS5 in the months ahead. Keep streaming for more updates on PS5!

PS5 logo revealed at CES 2020

A great sale by Sony

A great year for Sony Entertainment, as they have successfully sold 106 million PlayStation 4 consoles. The figures were about 102 million just a couple months ago, and now a sudden hike in such a small period is something really admirable and fascinating.

With this, the company has sold over 5 million PlayStation VR systems. While considering the software side, Sony has seen much growth in games selling making 1.15 billion units worldwide. That’s huge!

Sony subscribers are leading in the race consistently, making 103 million active online users on PlayStation Network, among which 38million subscribers are for PlayStation Plus alone. If we see 2 years growth statistics, in 2019, Sony sold a total 14.4 million PS 4 system, whereas it sold over 18million PS4 systems in 2018.

That’s strange, but this happened because the software was around 275 million copies in 2019 from 231 million in 2018. Fluctuations occur, but Sony always leads when it comes to Gaming, AI, and Virtual Reality.

Coming to PS5, what features can we expect from PlayStation 5? Let’s see ahead in the upcoming months.

Features in PS5

The success of the console is the reason why Sony is changing and modifying features about the PlayStation 5, comparing the PlayStation 4 branding, hardware, and various other parameters. Undoubtedly, PS5 is a higher and faster version of the gaming system with additional hardware ray tracing. Jim also mentioned some more information regarding the improvement which the fans already knew from Sony’s latest announcements.

PlayStation 4 Pro specifications were somewhat similar to PS4 like –

    • CPU: 2.1GHz
    • 8-core AMD Jaguar
    • GPU specs: 4.2TEFLOP AMD Radeon
    • It had a memory of 8GB GDDR5+1GB
    • Resolution: 4K (upscaled)
    • Storage:1 TB

In PlayStation 5, gamers are expecting much better features than they had in PlayStation 4 like-

    • Backward Compatibility
    • Higher graphics processing power
    • More games
    • Space
    • Speed
    • Modified VR features
    • Unique console design,
    • Controller design
    • Blue-ray tracing and Disc drive
    • Haptic feedback and adaptive-resistance trigger

This is how gamers want to play out with PS5! Everyone is happy about the features, except for the branding. Sony doesn’t like to mess with its branding, and thus, there isn’t much difference in the new PlayStation 5 logo.

What do PS fans want from PS5? Whoever owns PS4 wants what they already have but with a bigger space feature, and that’s exactly what PlayStation 5 is going to do! Gamers are waiting for further updates on PS 5.

Keep looking for more updates on the PlayStation 5 series and let the game on.

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