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PUBG Frauds: Here’s How A Sly PUBG Cheater Got Banned For 10 Years

PUBG, or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, is a highly popular game. Naturally, this also means that the game will have a few cheaters in the midst. This Battle Royale game gained popularity since it can be played on mobiles phones as well. With tons of PUBG frauds in the game, the developers have had to initiate thousands of bans every day. To deal with it better, Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. have come up with Project Ban Pan.

PUBG Frauds
PUBG Frauds

They released a short video on how the studio catches the fraudsters and is based on real situations. Initially, PUBG received a dozen reports on a player, but his play was just fine. However, when they started looking more closely towards the end of the game that they noticed something different. The player was not using any tool, but he had two mobile devices. With one, he started and played most of the match and halfway through, he would log in from the second phone, allowing the system to think that he was experiencing connection issues. The gap that creates now allows the player to kill his enemies easily. Thankfully, his cheat was caught, and he was banned for 10 years.

The PUBG Mobile Safety Station is a safe place for players to report other players indulging in suspicious activity. Project Ban Pan also has a Death Replay function which will allow fans to see how they were killed, from their enemy’s perspective. The idea here is that players will be able to see if there was any fraud being committed.

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