Fossil Q generation 4 Explorist reviews

Last year’s Fossil Q Control 3rd Generation smartwatch was a big-time disappointment for a number of users. Though it has an aesthetic appeal, it came out with a disappointing feature set. When talking about its feature set, it lacked GPS and NFC which made it a big deal breaker. Almost every competitor offers you these features in their watches.

Fossil Q generation 4 Explorist reviews

With the launch of its new 4th generation smartwatches, Fossil had made an entry into the market of smart-watches. They have made it all by adding GPS and NFC in their all-new Fossil Q 4th generation. It also has an optical heart rate sensor. But before making a buying decision, you must consider its features and then make a choice of whether it’s worth the money or not.

What do you need to know about Fossil Q 4th generation?

As the previous models of Fossil smartwatch have a compatible Wear OS, the same is with the new Fossil Q 4th generation. This feature allows you to make your watch compatible with both Android and iOS phones. Unlike the 3rd generation smartwatch, this version of Fossil watches comes with a heart rate tracker, NFC, and GPS for keeping track of your runs and bike rides.

The device is also waterproof for up to 50m, so you can even wear it while your shower or swim. It also has a built-in speaker which helps you in using your Google Assistant. There is no specific speaker for attending calls from your wrist directly. It doesn’t support 4G, so you have to keep your phone nearby for using Wi-Fi.

Fossil Q 4th generation- Pricing and Competition

The pricing for the watch starts with £250 for the silicon black variant. Fossil Q Explorist is up for giving a tough competition to Apple watch. Apple users are spending more £30 for Apple Watch Series 3 priced at £280. Though, the Apple watch series 4 comes with a larger screen and a faster processor; you can buy the watch worth £400. The price is quite high as per the other brands.  Therefore, you need to spend a lot in order to have the privilege of owning it.

Another option for both Android and Apple users is the awesome Samsung Galaxy watch whose pricing starts from £280 onwards. The watch runs Tizen OS and has a superb battery life of up to 7 days. It supports GPS, NFC, and even offline Spotify playlists.

In case you don’t wish to spend so much, you can even go for the Mobvoi Ticwatch in series E and S. Pricing for this one starts from £120 which makes it a great option in a limited budget. You can even opt for the £50 Amazfit Bip which comes with one-month long battery life at a single go.

Fossil Q 4th generation- Design

The 4th generation Fossil Q is a super awesome looking smartwatch. It borrows some of its features from the 3rd generation model. The watch resembles a traditional and mechanical watch, unlike the other smartwatch companies. It comes with a large glass at the front with crown styled buttons and a nice bezel.

What makes Fossil Q 4th generation different from other mechanical watches is its awesome 45×454, 1.4-inch display. The last year’s 3rd generation model had an air gap between the glass and the display. The Fossil 3rd generation has an OLED panel that is correctly placed at the forefront. Its pins are quite sharp, bright and very colorful.

There is no proper branding as it has a single small logo on its strap buckle. In case you want to flaunt your Fossil watch, you can go for customized watch faces from the manufacturer.  Though the watch measures 45mm across, it doesn’t feel that heavy on your wrist. It is quite lighter and thinner than the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. The Samsung galaxy smartwatch has a 0.1in smaller display than that of Fossil, still, it weighs much heavier.

The watch comes in 5 different color variants with different straps made of different materials. No matter whichever model you choose, you can use any 22mm band to have a look of your choice.

Fossil Q 4th generation- Features

The previous Fossil Q Explorist lacked GPS, NFC, and a heart rate tracker. All these awesome features are available in the Generation 4 watch. It makes the watch a more appealing device. Therefore, you can leave your house without your phone and track the distance and time of your workouts and runs. Though it is a perfect choice for occasional walks and runs the Q Explorist cannot be an adequate replacement for a multisport watch. Its optical heart rate sensor gives you numbers that are quite flakey at times.

The NFC is another best feature of this smartwatch is the NFC. It takes just a few minutes for setting up Google Pay and makes other contactless payments. Making payments with this is much easier than using tangible cards. Moreover, it works without an active internet connection, so you can just pick up some stuff from the supermarket anytime. You do not need to keep your mobile phone and wallet with you.

Fossil Q 4th generation- Verdict

Fossil had made big progress with its 4th generation smartwatch. It has a special aesthetic appeal that people will surely fall for. Moreover, it includes all the features a 2020 smartwatch user should demand.

But, when it comes to performance, you may face some issues. Its chipset is more than 2 years old and it can’t compete with the latest devices from Apple and Samsung. Still, if you want a faster chipset, you can wait for the next generation to come out in the market. If there is a 5th generation of the Fossil Q Explorist, there are chances they cover up this drawback.

For now, if you are looking for a minimum budget maximum feature smartwatch, you can surely go for Fossil Q 4th generation Explorist.

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