One of the biggest technology companies in the world today is SONY from Japan. With its high-quality products paired with the latest technological aspects, SONY is a trend-setter. From the first Walkman devices to the newest tech smartphones, SONY has made a place among the tech giants of the world.


One of its most popular and successful ventures of this company is the SONY XPERIA series. Many are accepting and appreciating the Xperia flagship products worldwide, making it one of the most selling products od SONY. People all over the world are excited about the latest trends in their development.

SONY’s most anticipated launch!

Speculations suggest that the SONY is launching a new XPERIA flagship on the 24th of February at this year’s MMC2020. It consists of some of the remarkable features such as a high-resolution 4k panel of the OLED type. Its 4k screening will guarantee an enthralling viewing experience, and the tech-savvy consumer base will go gaga over it. A 4k resolution will also attract many gamers and other tech enthusiasts.

But this also has a downside. A 4k resolution would drain the battery at a rapid rate and will, even more, use power for its performance compared to a Full HD+ resolution. A better performance naturally requires a better backup. Hence, this flagship has come with a better and unique feature.

Ambitious Battery performance

Keeping this 4k in perspective, SONY has included an enormous 4400mAh battery in its handset. It took a giant leap from a 3540mAh battery in the previous models of Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia XZ2 Premium and Xperia 1.

It is a first-ever SONY flagship with such an impressive 4400mAh battery capacity. Other specifications may include an X55 dual-mode 5G modem, supporting both the NSA and SA networks. 5G tech inclusion is one of the primary reasons that more than 4000mAh battery is essential.

Also, this model might include a powerful processor, QUALCOMM Snapdragon 865 CPU.

A name is yet to be confirmed officially by the SONY workers for its upcoming revolutionary flagship. It can be anything from Xperia 1.1 or the Xperia 1 2020, no one knows for sure. The hype around the launch is a huge one, and the tech enthusiast is super excited about getting their hands on the device.

Expectations are on hype

SONY has consistently delivered some of the best products over the years, and so the expectations for the new launch are also very high. People are looking forward to its launch, and it seems that the product is already a success among the general consumer base.

The specifications that the company has leaked have made the people more willing to invest in the product. Also, the new-age technology has set the bar high, and with a 4400mAh juice, SONY already has seemed to cross that bar.

Just a few more days and all our speculations and predictions would come to rest with the most awaited launch of SONY.

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