Mobvoi Tic Watch Pro 4G/LTE Review

Recently Mobvoi tic watch implemented a solution for hardware battery life with dual display and now LTE mode is designed with different feature and also the performance is very well increased and most of the customers are very attracted to it.

Mobvoi Tic Watch Pro 4G/LTE Review

Hardware implementation

It has been a trend nowadays wearing new smartwatches it has very good connectivity with LTE mode and also it is very well connected with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is designed with a simple hardware display and power pattern and that too with attractive touch. The overall body is constructed with plastic with great thickness and the design is really appealing.

Hardware implementation

Practically smartwatches have introduced to cool down every individual stress in the form of a rotating button it is something to implement new for the next generation. This product is designed with an LED panel display with sharp and bright edges with attractive colors.

You can wear this type of watch even when you go to sleep this will be very helpful to show your health information and also you will feel even better when you are the health-conscious type of device.

In Mobvoi tic watch product you can also make phone calls and even you can play music by using certain apps which is completely water resistance which is designed with silicon combination and you will see comfortable and better to wear this type of disturbance.


Mobvoi is basically designed with the Google OS platform. This product is very decent enough and people who wear this type of basic smartwatches will slowly become addicted hence it is very attractive and designed with trendy software and the performance is also very excellent.

You can design any new type of animations quick way since it is connected with LTE type of platforms. The design of this particular watch is really attractive since the body is thick with very big displays when compared to other watches in the market.

People will surely love this type of design. The product in the market and particularly this watch something very personal to every individual. There is no necessary maintenance is required since it is completely water resistible to you can wear this product anytime.

Double layer display

Mobvoi tic watch pro 4GB is designed with a double-layered display with an LED panel and LCD overlayer is very concerned with no compromises the feature is excellent and that is shining.

It is one of the bright crisps and remarkable type of watches with very attractive colors there is no negative reviews regarding this type of smartwatches even you can clearly view in the dark mode and even sunlight.

The LCD panel which is manufactured is very transparent and you can easily display the steps, battery level, time, date, and even your heart rate will also be displayed every second. It is really one of the Handy products and very pretty too the battery life is also very excellent in LTE mode when compared to other products in the market.

It is designed with extraordinary features each and every information that includes steps, time, date, heart rate extra can be viewed with the Google display panel this product can be used for a long time the customization is very excellent in this product.

4G connectivity

Mobvoi tic watch wristband can easily connect with 4G, which is a very big part nowadays. Also it is a great deal wearing iOS platform watches combined with Google Android connectivity is very rare to hear. It has the attractive technologies, which have been introduced.

Smart typical watches connected with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with heavy battery life is really amazing. You can operate the mode like your smart mobile settings. It has the easiest process and user-friendly settings. In this product, you can receive and send text messages.

Hence, if you leave your mobile phone in your home unknowingly you can use these smartwatches as mobile phones. It is one of the convenient products, which will be always in your hand as a wristwatch.

Only positive mode of reviews has been received regarding the product. It is completely tested with LTE technology and designed with very attractive features. It is one of the excellent products, which supports all type of applications such as Facebook, Google play music, receive and text messages, etc. Also, you can do phone calls in this smartwatch.The excellent technology, which is one of the greatest versions introduced with Long battery life.


This particular gadget is no compromised which is dumped every technology in one product it will feel comfortable and faster to receive all the information. You can also view your health conditions which are also one of the important targets nowadays. The battery life is very excellent with 415 mAh battery. If you charge it every night, you can wear comfortably throughout the day.

This product is very comfortable to use with multiple technologies added including the fitness tracker. The entire settings that are done in mobile phones can be added in these smartwatches which are linked with 4G LTE connectivity. It is one of the stand-alone smartwatch products.

If you carry this smartwatch with you there is no need for mobile phones, the entire process will be done with the help of this smartwatch. The overall operation and settings are excellent and innovative.


Based on the above reviews, this product is really different. Since the android phones have been changed to smartwatches it is an excellent product with complete furnished technology. Performance-wise is also very excellent, and the battery life is also makes the users completely satisfied.

The fitness feature can also be noted in the smartwatch. Hence without any compromise, you can purchase the smartwatches, which will be very useful for your daily life. Mobvoi watches are available in every online store the design of the product is very excellent and the appearance looks very classy in a circular shape designer with the silicone strap.

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