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TweetCaster Pro for Twitter

It is clean, attractive, and fun to use.

Twitter is so unique in its working that it has managed to make a firm place for itself despite several other social media platforms competing out there. In one way or the other, Twitter always manages to stay in the news. Sometimes, it could be because of the positive new and at other times, not so positive news. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there is another app which helps us manage our twitter feed better. Called TweetCaster, it is one of the most popular Twitter apps and has been around for nearly a decade. The company recently released TweetCaster Pro for Twitter, which many believe is an excellent one.

TweetCaster Pro
TweetCaster Pro

TweetCaster Pro

When the app was first released, most users felt that the app didn’t really have a lot of new features. It was essentially the same app, with minor changes. It has a couple of useful function added, but not something that would make heads turn. However, with other updates, the app began to show promise. Today, it has several features and functions that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. It is clean, attractive, and fun to use.

There are plenty of other alternatives like Falcon Pro and Carbon. However, in most cases, users start off using TweetCaster. This is usually because it has been around longer and a lot of users swear by it. The Pro version was designed to make the experience even better. Let’s see if it worked! There are virtually no missing functionalities, but the developers could remove the nudges for getting users to rate the app.


Functions like lists, mute, and retweets are quite commonly found in all Twitter apps. However, TweetCaster offers so much more. You can grab a tweet from nearby surroundings if you want. You can also take a quick look into other nearby Twitter apps. The app also has a built-in multi-user function. Under the ‘My Stats’ tab, you will notice that all your tweets and activities are mentioned. This basically acts as a summary, allowing you to see what you have been up to. Among all the popular Twitter apps, this is the only one that offers this functionality.

TweetCaster Pro for Twitter
TweetCaster Pro for Twitter

The app has good controls that are quite easy to use. One drawback here is the graphic presentation which is not really up to the mark. A UI refresher could improve the aesthetics of the app a great deal. The app has an adaptable widget and a tablet surface.


TweetCaster is an amazing Twitter application, one which has tons of practical uses. You can individually organize notifications and even make use of the practical internal browser. One thing you might miss is the push button. However, the developers have managed to add a lot of function into the application. Overall, TweetCaster Pro developers have done a splendid job and the app is one of the best in the market today. While Carbon and Falcon Pro are nice apps, they could definitely take some pointers from TweetCaster.

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