YouTube TV guide now shows 7 days of upcoming programs instead of a few hours

Late last year was a time that tv and theatre came out to prove a lot of things to us. This was the period when Netflix released its much-awaited tv show, The Witcher. Google’s Youtube was not going to be left behind and even though they did not release a game spinoff series they decide to upgrade their TV guide system.

YouTube TV guide now shows 7 days of upcoming programs instead of a few hours

Previously, the Youtube TV Guide was only able to show a limited amount of shows that were present to be viewed. So in December, the developers released a new guide system that can show up to a great 7 days of viewing. This is a great advancement as considering there aren’t a lot of companies that offer this viewing in their guides.

Youtube TV has been making a compelling fortune off of delivering TV quality airing off of the net. This allows the system to work entirely without a decoder or antenna. This means that subscribers can freely view TV shows from the comfort of their smart TV without necessarily having to buy extra extensions.

Platforms like these have been in existence over a long time now with Netflix having gained its popularity through such. However, this new update is bound to give Youtube TV a step ahead in the game especially since it offers live TV over the internet and not just movies.

The Previous Version

Earlier, the guide on Youtube TV was only limited to hours which proved to be very frustrating. The users would have a hard time knowing when a show was to be aired unless they were lucky enough to see an advertisement.

This is the major flaw of the whole platform as it was assumed to have failed in being an application that offers live TV off of the internet. A lot of users were anticipating when they would be able to see some actual change in their viewing.

Sadly though, the new updates have been rolled off to the desktop version of the platform and as we all know that can prove to be a bit unideal for watching on a large scale with family and friends. Youtube is yet to confirm the plans that they have for the rest of the updates on other platforms such as the phone and tablet versions of the app.

For now, viewers will have to settle for having this update on their PC versions of the application. But there are rumors that the company is in the works to provide better services so all hope is not yet lost. We all just have to be a little more patient until a similar update is rolled off to our other mobile devices and possibly televisions.

Meanwhile, Youtube TV is available at a subscription fee of $49.99, which has a variety of channels that are well beyond 70 viewable channels minus any required cords nor DVRs.

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