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10 Best Local Apps For Android For Any Local Need

Check out this list of the Local Apps For Android. 

With the advent of the internet, we now have everything at our fingertips. Not only can you keep yourself privy to what’s happening across the globe, but you can also use the internet to stay updated to the latest local news. Sometimes, browsers are the way to go while at others, apps can help you out so much. It is a delicate balance and using this, you will be able to lay hands on everything you want. Check out this list of the Local Apps For Android.

  1. Jobonji

Jobonji is a native gigs app where users can use the app to get some odd jobs done. For instance, you can get someone to mow your garden, clean the drains, and more. If you are not that great with assembling furniture, Jobonji can help you find someone who can put it up for you in a jiffy. The app has tons of professionals and helpers. The app itself is free, but you can always chat with the person about the pay before embarking on it. One good thing here is that it works internationally as well.

Jobonji Local Apps For Android
  1. Krazy Coupon Girl

It is quite surprising how many people have not heard about Krazy Coupon Girl app. It is completely free and can help you save a ton of garments, groceries, and different appliances from retailers like Kohl’s, Goal, and Walmart. With the coupons you come across in the app, you will be able to save a lot of dollars. All you need to do is to find the coupons you want, save them, and use them during checkout to save money. It is delightful to see that it works with online retailers as well, including Amazon. Additionally, some other places where this coupon app comes in use include Kroger, Publix, Greenback Tree, CVS, and Walgreen. It will detect the locations you go to regularly and let you know about the offers there. Additionally, you will also receive news about the sale and offers on places you don’t go frequently.

  1. Yard Sale Treasure Map

Yard sales and garage sales is famously known to be the place to collect some little treasure. The best part here is there it will not cost you an arm and a leg. The app looks at other websites like Craiglist and so on to come up with listings. You will be able to view the available ones on a map and choose where you want to go and spend a lovely weekend. The Yard Sale Treasure Map is basically an app that gathers all the yard and garage sales going on around and publishes it on the app.

Yard Sale Treasure Map
Yard Sale Treasure Map
  1. YP – The Yellow Pages

Did you know that the Yellow Pages app is one of the most popular apps to be downloaded with more than 50 million downloads on Google Play alone? Additionally, 80 million people visit the website every month! It is completely free. You can use the Yellow Pages to search for whatever you are looking for and there are high chances that you will find it in a jiffy. Across the app, there are more than 20 million listings. This includes the likes of purchases, meals, and any other industry you are looking at. Moreover, you will find Fandango integration for getting film tickets, GrubHub integration for meals supply, and a provision to explore fuel costs.

  1. Kroger – Reward and Retailers

As you may already be aware, most locations have a rewards program in place. There are plenty of such apps that consolidate various retailers, allowing the users to access it all from one single app. For instance, Kroger is a great example of this. The app lets the users keep tracks of coupons, sales, rewards points, and more. With the app, you will also be able to refill pharmacy prescriptions and schedule grocery pick-up among other things.

Kroger Local Apps For Android
  1. Facebook Events

Facebook might have some issues, but it has done a great job with its events platform. The app allows you to check out events happening in your locality and others. To add to it, you can use the app to find concerts, gatherings, tastings, and more. Groups allow users to coordinate events with other people. While Facebook is known for having poor privacy policies, you can always make use of it to find happening stuff around you.

Facebook Events
Facebook Events
  1. Local News app

Most major areas have their own local news stations. Most of them have reliable apps, offering all the latest updates. While the national carriers usually don’t carry all the local news, it can be a good idea to have your local news app since it will help you keep updated. There are tons of them and you can choose the one you want. In most cases, these are free as well.

  1. Google Maps

A list of this kind can never be complete without including Google Maps. This is one of the greatest Local Apps For Android. It is a great way to find businesses around you and it will even navigate you there in no time. Once you set up navigation, it will also alert you if you are going to arrive just or after when the business is closed. Hours of operation, traffic along the way, and alternate routes with the time taken are all some useful features of the app. Naturally, it is completely free.

9. Tinder

Tinder is a highly popular dating app and one of the best Local Apps For Android. Basically, you can filter results by GPS location and find people around you. Since it is so popular, you will find more people to interact with on this platform. The free version offers a great deal and you can always upgrade to the premium version for more features.

Tinder Local Apps For Android

10. Local Weather App

Most weather apps offer local weather details as well. However, if you choose to go with an app that is designed to only offer you your local weather details, you will find that there are so many more features offered for you. Dark Sky or 1Weather are great examples of this.


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