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Change Your Android 10 System Accent Color

The system-wide dark theme is finally here with the launch of Android 10 for the first time in the history of Android OS. Well, it is not enough. You can also change the android 10 system accent color for the first time.

Change Your Android 10 System Accent Color

When you go deep into the more advanced Developer Options, you can even change the accent color of icons by choosing one of 8 colors available. In this guide, we will discuss how to change accent colors in Android 10 and what else you can change.

Accent Color Options in Dark and Light Mode Themes

Ocean Blue is quite common but there are different types of theme colors for you to choose from, preferably on the cooler side of the color range. On the light theme, most colors seem to be more bright and bold. In the dark theme, some colors feel more pastel and lightening but Ocean is darker and deeper in light theme. When the dark theme is enabled, Black turns out to white. Therefore, here are the color options available for both themes –

Accent Color Options in Dark and Light Mode Themes

  • Blue (default)
  • Cinnamon
  • Ocean Blue
  • Green
  • Black
  • Orchid
  • Purple
  • Space

Steps to Change Accent Color in Android 10

In the previous versions of Android, you could not do anything with default accent color on your device. However, Android 10 is finally here with an option to choose from different accent colors in the Developer Preview. Currently, you can choose from 8 different accent colors. Here are the steps to find them –

Steps to Change Accent Color in Android 10

  • First of all, go to Settings on your device.
  • Scroll down and go to About Phone” section.
  • Go to Android version.
  • Tap on Build Number, which is displayed for seven times. After doing that, you will see a message that you are officially a Developer.
  • Go to Settings again.
  • Go to System option.
  • Tap on Advanced option.
  • Tap on Developer Options.
  • Scroll down and select Accent Color option on the menu.
  • It will show you seven different colors to choose from. Select the one and enable it to change the color.

So, these were the steps to change the accent color on your Android 10 system.

Steps to enable Dark theme by going to Settings

  • Simply go to Settings
  • Tap Display
  • And then select the Dark theme and toggle it on.

Steps to enable Dark theme by going to Settings

Adding Dark theme to Quick Settings

There is no need to go to Settings whenever it comes to turning it on or off if you add the same to Quick Settings. By default, it is not added. But you can do it in 3 steps –

Adding Dark theme to Quick Settings

  • Open Quick Settings by pulling the top of the screen down two times.
  • In the bottom left corner, tap the pencil button in the left bottom corner in Quick Settings shade.
  • Drag and drop Dark theme toggle from the bottom in Quick Settings button.

Steps to change icon shape

Android 10 is officially launched by Google for Pixel devices. Here are the detailed steps to change icon shape –

Steps to change icon shape

  • In Android 10, you have to go to Settings.
  • Tap System
  • Go to Advanced
  • Go to Developer Options
  • At the end of the page, tap icon shape under Theming
  • Now you can choose from Teardrop, Device default, Rounded Rectangle, or Squircle

Steps to change font style

  • The open app drawer and open Settings app
  • Select System option
  • Select Advanced
  • Go to Developer Options
  • Go to Theming section at the end and select Headline/Body font
  • Now you can choose from Noto serif/Source sans Pro or device default.
  • Choose font style in devices supporting Android 10.
  • Swipe down in Quick Settings to turn on Dark theme or disable when needed.

What Else you’ll Discover?

There have been leaks we have found related to Google Pixel 4 and we have another leak for you. It has come from the dedicated team of XDA Developers. They have finally managed to get a quick look at the upcoming Pixel Themes app by adding some code.

The roll-out of Android Q beta was the first time when Pixel Themes were discovered. Nevertheless, it is yet to be officially available in Android 10 final release. Meanwhile, we are first going to see it with the official launch of Google Pixel 4.

There are some strings in AOSP source code on Android 10. You can now customize the lock screen with the completely new ThemePicker, grid size for the home screen, ambient display clock face, and even more. The app shows “Styles & Wallpapers” after installing it in the app drawer. You can also find it by holding on the home screen.

UI screen Manager

The UI screen of the theme manager is displayed through Google Photos album. A developer luca020400 from XDA Developers spotted the link, which was added to a commit mistakenly, and he uncovered the same.

XDA had also revealed the update that the clock face options on Android 10 will include Bubble, Analog, and Typeface options to choose. However, during the phase of development, Typeface has been removed. Later on, it was added back manually in the screenshots shared by luca020400 when he could get it working on his device.

While the latest screens are yet to be seen, the XDA-Developers have also shared some of the older screenshots, which reveal that the UI of Android 10 has something more to discover. The images have the codenames before choosing the final names of themes.

Along with the upcoming Pixel Themes, we have also got a sneak peek into some of the cool new features in Pixel 4. The astrophotography mode is one of the biggest reveals in a leaked video online. You can also find a Coral color option.

Bottom Line

We hope this guide will help you in changing the android 10 system accent color, adjust the font style, and icon shape. All these things are done system-wide. You can choose from Collage, Crayon, and Ash option. You can also mix and match on your own with a customization feature of My Style.

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