Apollo Max Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Graphene has been in the news and dangled in front of tech enthusiasts for well over a decade now.

It’s meant to be a new, magical material that will solve all our energy storage problems. Nonetheless, it has somehow stayed out of consumer products.

Apollo Max Review: Is It Worth It

However, it has now slowly begun to percolate down into products that the average consumer can buy – like this power bank from Elecjet.

The Apollo Max is a portable charger made by Elecjet, a Chinese company. The company promises a 10,000mAh (37Wh) capacity, 100W charging, and 60W discharging.

The most astounding claim is the 19 minute recharge time – which unfortunately turns out to be false.

Design-wise, the Apollo Max is not exactly the sleekest power bank you can find. It looks a bit like a brick, weighing 373g with the dimensions 155 x 76 x 24mm.

The bottom and the top of the device have a soft plastic finish that almost feels like fabric. It does give it a nice feel but does not make it look like any less of a brick.

Both its ports, a USB Type-C, and a USB Type-A are embedded on a single side, together with a seven-segment display that indicates the remaining charge.

A button located on the side activates the display.

The device also has two lightning bolt lights that light up when the battery is either charging or discharging at over 5V.

The bolts indicate the amount of power the device might be using and leave a wide potential range.

The power bank is enormous considering its capacity – it looks like it might hold at least 20,000mAh. Part of the reason behind its size may be the significant input (100W) and output(60W) power it supports or may have to do with the new graphene cells used in the battery.

Elecjet claims that the graphene cells in the device help it stay cool even when a super high current is passed through it. Also, the power bank supposedly will last up to three times longer than other power banks.

The Apollo Max is too expensive for the features it offers. Another issue with the device is the loose USB-C port. Cables refuse to stay seated or fit the port snugly enough for it to charge the connected device.

For any power bank, let alone a power bank this expensive, a loose USB port is not acceptable.

Spec-wise the power bank is one of the best on the market, but it lacks execution. Its way too expensive and has significant quality control issues.

Before you buy it, make sure you weigh out the pros and cons.


    • Excellent output (60W!)
    • Fantastic input (100W!)
    • Does not heat up
    • Compatible with all devices


    • Huge size
    • The indicator isn’t accurate
    • Recharging takes between 30-40 minutes, not the advertised 15 minutes
    • Low capacity for the price
    • Quality control issues

Should you buy it?

Buying the Apollo Max isn’t recommended. The technology is still in its development stages and needs a lot more polishing before it becomes mainstream. Find out another good power bank here.

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