WhatsApp Update: Three New Features Of Whatsapp

Every Android and iPhone User Needs To Know About

WhatsApp is the favorite messaging platform enjoyed by millions of users all over the world. It is catering to requests of upgrades and feature enhancements from users. WhatsApp recently rolled out three important updates that both Android users as well as iPhone users can reckon with.

Three New Features Of Whatsapp

While these updates have not substantially overhauled the application, it has certainly added features that have been long-sought to make the application more intuitive.  Here’s a look at what these three WhatsApp updates have in store.

WhatsApp Call Waiting

WhatsApp is getting common to make phone calls across its users. Also, these phone calls are certainly a convenient feature for the users. However, in the current version of WhatsApp, there is no form of intimation or alert if you are on one WhatsApp call. Hence and you can’t receive another call parallelly from another contact. A missed call alert would flash only when you are done hanging upon your current call.

The recent updates of WhatsApp now offer a call waiting option. Now a user on a call will be intimated of another call coming in alongside a notification at the top of their device. A user thus has the option of declining the incoming call or ending the current call to answer the new incoming call.

This current upgrade, however, does not offer the option of putting one call on hold to answer another. There is hope that WhatsApp will introduce the basic feature of call hold in the coming updates.

WhatsApp Group Chat Invites

WhatsApp users all through the past and current versions have been added to WhatsApp groups without any prior intimation or consent. Finally, in the current WhatsApp update, users have the discretion to select those contacts who can and can’t add them to group chats.

This segmentation can be done using three options available in the settings of the new upgrade. They include:

    • Everyone
    • My contacts
    • My contacts except

As the names suggest, choosing everyone will allow even those individuals to add you to groups who are not part of your contacts list. This way you can block out-group advertisements and promotional WhatsApp groups initiated by strangers.

Going with ‘My Contacts’ will enable only those users whose number you have saved in your contact list can add you to groups. Finally, if you wish to exclude a certain few from your contact list from adding you to WhatsApp groups, use the ‘My Contacts Except’ feature option. These options are available on the Account-Privacy-Groups path in your settings menu.

WhatsApp Reminders

WhatsApp update is one of the much-waited things for users. Nothing works as well as a message when it comes to daily reminders for your to-do list! You no longer have to rely on friends messaging you with WhatsApp’s all-new reminders feature. is a popular reminders application that is used by over 10 million users worldwide and the latest WhatsApp update can now be synced with your favorite messaging application.

What this facilitates is setting a reminder for tasks to be done by you on At the designated time fixed by you, you will receive a message on your WhatsApp in your ongoing conversation window with reminding you to execute the task. This service, however, comes at a cost of $5.99 per month at a flat rate no matter your usage or your geographical location.


Can’t wait to enjoy these new features? Upgrade your existing WhatsApp from the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store. These features are available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

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