Apple Folding Phone Patent Is A Problem That Samsung Should Have Solved Years Ago

As many of the Android phone builders are trying to build up a folded phone. But many people are waiting eagerly for Apple to join the race. There are many prototype folding phones that Apple has come up with but not yet launched in the market.

Apple Folding Phone Patent

The Folding Phone Patent

The folding phone patent was titled “Electronic devices with flexible displays and hinges”. It explains how to prevent one of the most common issues of a folding phone. This issue is the creases on the screen when you fold the phone.

Apple understands the value of proper tablets. So, they don’t have to come up with a folding phone that turns into an iPad mini. Apple sells many tablets each year, therefore, it doesn’t have to make such kind of a change by any means.

The patent seems to imply that Apple has come up with a solution to this. It states that an electronic device can have a flexible display that can be overlapped. A binding kind of mechanism is there to keep an adequate distance between the two portions of the device.

This helps to ensure flexibility in the display. Apple is aiming towards the reduction of stress from the display when it is in its folded form. This results in a reduction of creases on the screen too.

Samsung’s Plans For Folded Screen Phones

Samsung was in a position of making a folding phone. Samsung makes one of the best Android phones with the best display. They offer you the best Android tablet any other company could offer.

Since nobody wants to buy Android tablets these days, Samsung has come up with the next best idea. It will be building a phone that folds into a tablet at those times you want it to be like that.

Apple’s plan seems to be towards bending the display on the outer side in order to change the radius of the curve by allowing it more space for bending. This helps in maintaining a proper bend between the two parts of the mobile phone. There would be no creases visible after applying this mechanism.

An Ugly Display Can Ruin Any Device

The thing is very clear that Samsung is planning of making more such phones in the future, as they keep developing the ideas until it reaches perfection. This is something Samsung does very well.

But, there’s an idea that Samsung can steal from Apple. The idea is that they can get more into building a device with a single fold display without having an ugly and creasy center.

Apple Registers A Patent At Every Opportunity

We just cannot forget that Apple is a company that never fails to file a patent in any possible opportunity it gets. There are many patents that Apple comes up with resulting in a few to reach in the market. If Apple decides to launch a foldable iPhone in the future, there is no surety that it would be a successful launch.

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