Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e hands-on review

Smartphones have become inevitable in our world. Having an expensive smartphone has become a status symbol much like having a car. While tablets are not as trendy as much as they were before, Samsung has not given up on their dreams. It has recently launched Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and has made the tablet pretty affordable too. We are going to see about the amazing features of this sleek device in Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e hands-on review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e hands-on review

A tablet has to be stylish, affordable and it should be easy to handle. Apart from this, it should have many features which will make it great to use. You can get all these with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. Grab the tab today and have a great time using it. Let us see the features of the tablet one by one in this review.

Affordable price!

The Galaxy Tab S4 which was launched last year had a high price tag. It was not so affordable. Many of us dream about using an expensive-looking smartphone with stunning features. But the price would be so high that we have been postponing that dream. Not anymore. With the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, we can now make our dream a reality.

It is priced very reasonably yet it looks costly. Great, right! But this reduction in cost has not affected the quality of the tablet in any way. The LTE variant of Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is Rs.39, 999 and its Wi-Fi only variant is available at Rs.35, 999.

Sleek Design!

The tablet features a sleek and stylish design. For some people, the design might be a little basic but it isn’t much of a problem. The tab is very thin and is just 5.5mm. You don’t have to worry about handling such a thin tab. It is very comfortable to grip it.

The main issue that we face with a tab is that the big screen size of it makes it tiring to hold it for long periods. You won’t face this issue with Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e because it weighs only 400 grams! Your hands won’t experience fatigue while you are using this tab. The tab has a sturdy metal body.Samsung Galaxy Tab DesignThe right side of the tab has a power button which also functions as a fingerprint reader. Below this button, the volume rocker and the microSD or SIM card slot are found. The bottom has the USB-C port while you can locate the POGO pins on the left side.

Unfortunately, the tab does not have a headphone jack. But there is an adapter that comes with the tab. This adapter can be used to connect the wired headphones via the USB-C port. Four speakers are present in the tab to give you a great audio experience. The top left corner has a camera.

Stunning Display

The tablet looks vibrant with a 10.5 inch AMOLED panel with a 16:10 aspect ratio. This means you can enjoy media content with a resolution of 2560×1600. There is enough space to place your thumbs while holding your tab.

This is possible due to the absence of physical home and other navigation buttons on the bezel. If you are a gamer, then you are in for a visual treat with this tab. You can even read books on kindle and the tab makes it quite comfy. If you want, you can even buy a keyboard to use along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.

This will allow you to use the tab like a laptop along with software like Dex Mode. The keyboard is a little tight on space but with time you will adjust to it. The absence of backlight makes it a little tough to type if you don’t have enough light.

Performance of Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

The newly launched tab comes with a Snapdragon 670 chipset and a 4 GB RAM. This is good for a standard Android device. A 15W charger accompanies the 7040mAh battery and it takes three hours to completely charge the tab.

The charge lasts long enough and there is nothing much to complain about. You can use it for even more than 14 hours. The internal storage of the tab is 64GB. But there are provisions to support 512GB microSD cards in the tab.Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e PerformanceThe tablet performs well when we are multitasking. But sometimes after prolonged usage, one might find some lags in the functions. The tablet comes with a pre-loaded Bixby digital voice assistant.

With this feature, you can give voice commands to your tablet. There are some child safety features present in this amazing tab. Parents can use these to limit access to a few apps and information by their kids.

Decent Camera!

The tablet has a 13MP rear camera along with an 8MP front camera. You get autofocus with a rear camera but the flash is absent. If you wish to take pictures in low light, then this camera will not suit your needs. Videos can be recorded with 4K resolution but that’s it.

You can’t expect much from the cameras in the Samsung Galaxy Tab. But you can take decent pictures and make video calls with a front camera. Full-featured Promo mode is absent in this camera. Overall, in terms of camera, it just gives an average performance. But most of us don’t use a tab for the purpose of taking pictures. So, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, then we say you go for it. The price range is very low compared to other tabs and everyone can afford it. It is very good if you intend to use it for browsing, watching videos, Netflix and reading.

Bottom Line

The design, battery life, features are all enticing in this tablet. Its lightweight makes it much easier to handle. The user interface is great too! Enjoy the amazing features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e by buying it as soon as possible. I hope you liked our review and if you enjoyed reading it, share it with others!

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