The Best Gaming Phones For 2020

The best Gaming phones are booming in 2020, with an increasing number of buyers worldwide. In today’s time, Gaming is in almost everyone’s head. People are playing at home, in buses, café and even in offices. This is all possible due to the continuous evolution of smartphones. If there were no smartphones in the market, gaming applications would never be able to show their identity all alone.

The Best Gaming Phones For 2020

Thanks to the technology which supports and runs all the gaming applications. Here are some reasons why mobile games are becoming so popular these days;

  1. It’s easy to carry around your smartphone.
  2. Most of the games on Google Play and the iPhone App store are free to access
  3. Mobile games are cheaper than ordinary video games on PC or Consoles.

As games are now flourishing in the space of smartphones, gaming app developers are no behind, they have joined hands to grow parallel to technology.

Let us sneak into some available information about the latest best Gaming Phones that will give you a fantastic experience of Gaming.


The tagline itself says– “Worshipped by Gamers and Loved by Tech Gurus”. This phone is blooming in every gamer’s mind. What makes it so unique? This variant is introduced for pure gamers, and thus it has in-game customization, which is rare to find in other smartphones. ROG Phone II combines with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus.


With this phone, users get great visual experience, which pretty much looks like real. Just like its processor, the latest ROG Phone comes with a professional gaming tool. When it’s about Gaming, Asus is hitting sixes on its turf. Read its full specifications on the website and buy this ROG Phone 2 available on Amazon and Flipkart, at an affordable price, and let the game begin!

Apple iPhone 11/Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple is always one step ahead of the world, be it processors, display, quality, or Gaming. You cannot not-find an Apple phone in any list of smartphones. The world will thank Sir Steve for decades. It has the best chipset in the race of smartphones, IP 68 rated, 60 Hz refresh rate, and whatnot. An iPhone 11 has everything that a gamer needs.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Plus, fantastic display and build quality let a user feels like he’s in the game, not in reality. It’s challenging to come out of the game when it’s an iPhone. As a gamer, one always worries about the battery. Often, they’ve to stop their game in the middle and put it to charge.

Now, iPhone 11 is entirely wireless. It’ll be charging while you keep playing the game. Anyway, battery life is impressive enough not to give you any low battery notifications and worries.

Typically, people find it expensive, but in terms of Gaming, this is much cheaper. It is only Rs. 64,900 on Amazon and Flipkart. Please keep it in your list on top while scrolling down other phones for your game.

One Plus 7T

Who doesn’t know this new sensation? One Plus mobile phones have spread across the world like a wildfire. You know why? Because they’ve built a classic. One Plus 7T is one of the top-ranked phones for gamers, a perfect all-rounder. With its substantial full display of 6.67 inches, all you need to do is to rotate it and fire up your fingers. Game mode on, Yo!

One Plus 7T Best Gaming Phone

What’s there in One Plus 7T that makes it best for Gaming? A Snapdragon 855 CPU with a max ram of 12 GB, splendid display quality, incredible night brightness, energetic audio quality, and Dolby-Atmos stereo speakers. One point where it beats the iPhone is its screen refresh rate. While the iPhone has 60 Hz RR, One Plus 7T has 90 Hz. Also, if you’re a focused gamer and don’t want any disturbance during Gaming, they’ve got it covered for you. All calls and notifications will be disabled in the gaming mode.

Razer Phone 2

Gamers, this phone is especially for you. Although it is excellent at normal smartphone functions too, it has a screen resolution of 1440*2560 pixels with 513 pixels per inch. Such a sharp display on a 5.7-inch screen. Which game won’t look hot on that?

Razer Phone 2

It has a Snapdragon 845 CPU with 8 GB RAM and a 120 Hz screen refresh rate. With the bright screen and loud sound, it does beat any other phone for Gaming. What more does a gamer want?

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

This is one phone on the list that you’ll see without a Snapdragon. It has a combo of Kirin 980 processor with an 8 GB of RAM. A long-lasting battery is capable of letting you spoil your weekend on Gaming. It has an array of 4200 mAh.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Best Gaming Phone

We bet you find a game that won’t run smoothly on Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Be it its speakers, display, or processor, it surely is a fierce competitor for top-end phones. It is an excellent mobile pack. Taking a deviation from gaming features, this phone has an excellent camera quality with three rear-lenses.

It is available at Amazon for Rs 49,990. Looking at its features, price is justified for gamers.

Sony Xperia 1

A Sony Xperia 1 offers you a lot of things for you to choose it for your gaming experience. It has a 21:9 aspect ratio, one of the best on the list. There is a 6.5-inch 4K resolution, Wow! Racers, it’s for you, marry this phone!

Sony Xperia 1

This baby of Sony has 6 GB RAM with a Snapdragon 855 processor. Although this phone may struggle with the battery a little, it may not be the best phone for binge-gaming. Nevertheless, screen resolution is 1644*3840 pixels on Android 9.0 Pie with Dolby Atmos stereo speakers. Shooters and Racers will love this piece.

Sony phones have always been on the higher side, thanks to their fantastic build quality and robust hardware. Problems stay away from this phone. However, with similar features on other phones, it may not get the crown as the best gaming phone for Rs 73,990.

So, gamers are you all ready? Check out the list of best Gaming Phones above.

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