Apple Watch Series 1 – Review 2019

Apple has been upgrading its wearable device ever since 2015 and has rarely gone wrong in it. From little changes in the design to the latest technology use, the fitness watches by Apple has become immensely popular recently. A major unveil in the segment of smart or fitness watches, the Apple Watch Series 1 comes with all the fresh features with an enticing outlook. The crisp display with a sturdy built and long-lasting battery life is what makes this fitness watch one among the best in the market today.

Apple Watch Series 1


Smooth and luxurious on the hand, the Apple Watch Series 1 is premium in design. It comes with an I-ion glass covering the massive display and an aluminum casing around it.

The band is made of premium rubber silicone, which is flexible and adjustable and sits snug on your wrist without being itchy or uncomfortable on your skin. The compact shape of this smartwatch makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Packed with unmatched features, the Apple Watch Series 1 is one fast performing gadget to own. While Siri takes care of all your notifications, texts, phone calls, or reminders, the dual-core processor ensures a no-lad performance. 


The fitness watch comes a few of the basic features, which include the accelerometer and the health application to track the user’s steps, walking, or running. At the same time, its advanced features consist of the built-in heart rate sensor, water-resistant properties, and ambient light sensors.

The fitness tracking feature tracks the number of calories burnt during a workout. The ambient light sensor automatically brightens up the screen when in the sun and darkens it in low light or at night.

The heart rate sensor monitors the heart rate of the user and gives regular reminders for workouts and set goals. It uses infrared LED lights to detect the blood flow and calculates the number of beats per minute. It is accurate in ideal conditions. 

The other features that come handy with the Apple Watch Series 1 are the gyroscope, and Maps access. While the gyroscope detects the direction you are moving in, the Maps provide you the guidance to go when connected to your iPhone GPS.


Speaking of connectivity, the Apple Watch Series 1 connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It would be best if you connected the fitness watch to your iPhone to use features like GPS, maps, or directions. While you can update the applications on the watch using a Wi-Fi connection.

Further, the Apple Watch Series 1 comes with a rechargeable LR44 lithium-ion battery, which has a battery life of up to 18 hours in a single charge.

Although a little high on the budget, this fitness watch is precise and accurate in its features and also ensures a durable stay. Stay active and monitor your goals straight up with this Apple Watch Series 1.

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