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How to Identify Font in Any Image?

More often than not, we all come across a random image on the web and find a text written on it, but wonder exactly what font was used on it. Identifying fonts in a picture is quite tricky but everyone should know this trick. It serves a lot of purposes. For example, you can search and download a particular font that you would really want to use in your pictures.

How to Identify Font in Any Image

Sometimes, you may find a meme on Facebook or Instagram and want to make its font on your own. From members to designers, everyone has to know what fonts are used on images. Fortunately, it is not that difficult.

Steps to identify fonts in an image with Font Squirrel

You can easily identify fonts on any picture with these steps –

Steps to identify fonts in an image with Font Squirrel

    • First of all, download an image or copy the image URL.
    • Log on to the official Font Squirrel website.
    • Go to Font Identifier.
    • Click image URL and paste the same or Upload Image if you have an image stored on your PC.
    • Highlight the text on an image by cropping it. Drag the blue borders to cover just the text on an image.
    • Click “Matcherate It”.
    • It will show several options below. Choose the right font and either buy it or download it from the mentioned websites. Below the image, choose “Font Squirrel” if you want to check only free fonts.

Steps to Identify Fonts in Image with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop also comes with a simple tool to identify fonts on an image. Here are the steps detailed below –

Steps to Identify Fonts in Image with Photoshop

  • Download the image which has the font you need to figure out.
  • Launch Adobe Photoshop.
  • Browse the image location with the app.
  • With the use of the “Rectangular marquee tool” (press M to open it), place a rectangle around the font to identify.
  • Select Type>Match Font from the toolbar.
  • You can either choose from the fonts which have been installed already on your PC or download matching fonts online.

Steps to Identify Image Fonts with


How to Identify Font in Any Image

    • First of all, find a picture with a font. You can save the image on your PC for best results or capture a screenshot of an image using a tool like SPGrab.
    • Go to
    • Click on “Browse” and go to the folder where you have saved your image with text. You can also enter the image URL in the box (labeled a URL with image).
    • Be sure the options reflect the results you want or the image you want to use. Be sure that the right background color option is picked.
    • Click “Continue” to start identifying.
    • Test the images shown on the next page (be sure to provide more details to get more accurate results). Once you picked the highlighted text, enter the same in the text area next to it.
    • At the bottom, click on the Continue button.
    • On the next page, you will be able to see the results. You can also buy or download the fonts. You can grab the close match without looking for the font all around the web.
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