Infinix S5 Lite: Complete Review and Detailed Specs

A killer budget smartphone with all the features.

There is an evergreen high-demand for budget smartphones and therefore, manufacturers are putting their best efforts to conquer this market. In this article, I am going to drop an absolutely detailed review of the newly launched budget segment smartphone— Infinix S5 Lite. According to our sources, there is a wide range of audiences searching for a complete Infinix S5 Lite Review to know the reality of various features offered by the brand.

Infinix S5 Lite
Infinix S5 Lite

If you are looking for a budget segment phone and confused between so many potential choices, then refer to this comprehensive article and get everything cleared. Before moving further, know your needs/requirements and then check if it satisfies all your requirements or not. Let us not waste any more of our time in the introduction and move further to the main subject.

Infinix S5 Lite Review

I have covered all the aspects (design, performance, and other features) to help you understand the offering of Infinix S5 Lite. There might be some aspects that did not attract our attention, so if you have any doubts regarding anything, then feel free to comment below.


It is impossible to resist the punch hole body design of Infinix S5 Lite, and that is one of the factors that appeal to the mid-segment users. The front camera is situated at the top left corner, which is rare & astounding because the centre notch is now too common. The design of S5 Lite is similar to Infinix S5 to an extent where a regular person cannot differentiate between the two. 6.6-inch screen size & display resolution of 1600 x 720 pixels with HD+ blows all the other competitors.

You are not getting any light sensor to determine notification or charge status, which is sure trouble for the users. Although the height of the unit is comparatively more, a user can access the volume (-/+) buttons easily. Contrary to the volume controls, the Nano SIM tray is located on the left and drops a bright shine on the edges of the unit. The backspace has a triple camera with a flash that looks fantastic on matt colour, and besides it, you get a broad fingerprint sensor.


Performance is the most crucial aspect to almost all smartphone users because body design is not just enough for anyone. After using this smartphone for a week, I can say that it does not lack any performance bid.

Infinix S5 Lite Overview
S5 Lite Overview

It has adapted the Android 9 Pie fantastically that drops smooth touch & delivers a premium experience to the user. This model has a 2GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio P22 (MT6762) processor and 4GB of RAM that lets the processor functions at all levels quickly. The fingerprint & face unlock as fast as a flash, and the load time is superbly less for regular applications.

Applications with big databases took more time to load compared to the other regular apps. Games like PUBG & Fortnite were smooth but only at low-level graphics. Playing games on low-level graphics might not be premium, but it eventually saves a lot of battery consumption. For me, 4000mAh battery is a two-day dose, and I do not need to worry about battery life because of it. Considering everything, Infinix S5 Lite delivers an astounding experience on the aspect of performance.

Other Features Of Infinix S5 Lite

Infinix S5 Lite does not offer many unique features because all the competitive models are putting everything that is possible. I will summarize everything good that I got from this phone.


Infinix S5 Lite features a triple rear camera of 16MP x 2MP that also has a low light sensor, which brightens the picture even in low light. The front camera features 16 megapixels and captures the natural tone of the skin. At this value, it is impossible to find these amusing camera quality in the mainstream market.

Infinix S5 Lite Camera
Infinix S5 Lite Camera

The phone is available at an unbelievable price and has a single variant only that offers 64GB of in-built ROM. The storage capacity is expandable to 256GB by inserting an external SD-card.

Note: We recommend not pushing the storage unnecessary because high storage capacity slows down the performance of the unit.

Petty Information

It offers a dual SIM tray that supports Nano card and features 3.5mm headphone jack for pervasive connection. The display aspect ratio is 90.5% to the whole body structure that drops enough space for the user to experience HD+ videos on the IPS display.


Infinix S5 Lite is killing the competition by offering so much at an affordable & economic value. I have mentioned almost everything about the handset, and therefore, you do not require any other Infinix S5 Lite review.

The mid or budget segment of smartphones are highly in demand because the economy of our country is already down, and 65% of the wealth is held by 1% of the people. Therefore, companies are devoting more time to improving the budget segment of smartphones.

Today, I described everything about the recently launched Infinix S5 Lite (a super budget smartphone.) Undoubtedly, you can try your hands on it if you are on a tight budget by demand a durable & futuristic phone. Also, share this piece of information with your friends who are looking to buy mid-segment smartphones.

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