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Snapchat New Camera Mode

Have Fun through 3D Selfies

For those who are fond of selfies can have a 3D effect to it. This is due to now selfie lovers have one great option of 3D selfies with Snapchat. Snapchat is providing snaps depth with the twist of the smartphone in the latest 3D camera mode. It is the most advanced technique available for you today. The mobile having 3D camera mode reconstructs the selfie.

Snapchat New Camera Mode

It utilizes the depth data from a similar smartphone. It allows the movement of the smartphone to adjust the view of the image. Due to this, the selfie looks to pop out of the screen. Let’s talk more about some interesting features of this selfie camera.

Wide Reach

This 3D option with Snapchat is the heat of smartphone photography. As it is the most advanced version of the mobile camera, it is ahead of the competition. Snapchatters can get this new feature of the smartphone will able to tilt their gadgets to change the view. Whatever type of smartphone you have, you can use this feature.

Any Snapchat user can obtain and view the effect in 3D on any kind of device. It will be also available on Android. Another aspect of this feature is that Snapchat’s 3D camera mode will let you use its 3D effects, 3D lenses, and 3D filters. With this, you can post your selfies on other places, share in chat or stories, and also save to your camera roll.

Easy to Use

The use and access to this feature are very simple. You can click the drop-down menu inside the camera mode. Then you can select the 3D option. Moreover, switching the camera to 3D mode, the lens and filter carousel renews with filters and lenses that are 3D friendly. So this is the best option to have great selfies. This feature is designed not only for selfies but also for the world-facing camera.

Advantages and Drawbacks

  • At present this 3D feature is available exclusively on iPhone X and iPhone 11 range phones. Therefore, only people having these smartphones can enjoy this 3D option.
  • When you take the snaps by using this feature, they look different, act different, and feel different. So you can have an amazing experience altogether.
  • When you take the selfies or pictures in this mode, they are simple yet powerful. Hence, this feature is a must-try.
  • This feature sounds promising and versatile. Therefore, who are looking for something creative and different, for those people this is the perfect one.
  • You will be never disappointed by using it. In fact, you will be pleased and can have fun with this option.
  • But people those who do not have iPhone, they can’t use this feature. This is a major disappointment for such people.


In this way, with the 3D model of Snapchat, you can communicate through contextually rich snaps. Snapchatters will have a fun time with this Snapchat camera. They can have the best selfies with more creativity and a unique look. Also, you will definitely get quality pictures.

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