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How To Activate Call Waiting On WhatsApp (Android)

Also, how can you enjoy better group privacy?

A few weeks after iOS users got the WhatsApp update that enables call waiting, Android users too started receiving the update. As the name suggests, the feature allows users to see incoming WhatsApp calls when they are already on a call with another user. The feature has been made available on WhatsApp version 2.19.352 – which is the latest stable version available on the Google Play store. If you have not updated WhatsApp in the last few days, now is the time to head to the “My Apps and Games” section of the Google Play store and look for the update.

Once you update the app, the feature will automatically be enabled, and you do not need to set anything up. While the feature is called “call waiting,” it is slightly different from how the regular call waiting works. In a phone call on the cellular network, you can put people on hold, and switch between calls and carry a conversation with two parties. WhatsApp does not allow you to put people on hold. On WhatsApp, you can only speak to one party at a time.

Here’s how WhatsApp handles call waiting

If someone calls on WhatsApp

You can do either of these two things:

  • End and Accept Incoming Call: You can end the WhatsApp call you are currently on and accept the incoming call.
  • Decline: You can decline the incoming call, and continue with the current call.
Call Waiting On WhatsApp
Call Waiting On WhatsApp

If someone calls on WhatsApp and you’re on a call

When someone calls you on WhatsApp, and you’re on a call over a cellular network, you have three options:

  • End and Accept: You can end your current call and accept the incoming call.
  • Hold and Accept: You can place the current call on hold and accept the incoming call.
  • Decline: You can decline the incoming call and remain on the current call.

Essentially, WhatsApp introduces a priority system, and you can only speak to one person at once.

The group calling option helps if the other person is trying to connect to you and the person you’re conversing with, but if not, there is no hold button, and you will have to hang up on somebody.

Before the update, WhatsApp would automatically reject incoming calls from other WhatsApp users and notify you later. But now, users have a choice to either accept or decline incoming calls.

Battery Drain Fix And New WhatsApp Group Privacy Settings

Apart from the call waiting feature, the new version of WhatsApp (version number 2.19.352) brings some other features and fixes to the app. These include:

  • New Privacy Settings: The new privacy settings allow you to control who can add you to groups. You can configure the options by going to the app’s Settings> Account > Privacy > Groups.
  • Fingerprint Unlocking: You can now set up a fingerprint to unlock WhatsApp. You can configure your fingerprint to open WhatsApp by heading to the app’s Settings> Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock and then enabling the ‘Unlock with fingerprint’ option.
  • Battery Drain Fix: The new version fixes an issue that caused rapid battery draining on some devices. OnePlus users complained about the battery drain issue, and the update fixes it.


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