Diesel Axial Review

You are getting your money’s worth in terms of features, looks, and functionality.

With Diesel Axial, the company ventures into the smartwatch world for the second time. The first attempt by the company was with their Diesel On Full Guard. The Diesel On Axial tries to keep up with the brand’s eye-catching design while also ensuring that the watch is chock-full of high-end features. To put it simply, you can think of it’s as a rebranded Fossil smartwatch. More specifically, a rebranded Fossil Gen 5. While it is a bit pricier than we have come to expect, you are getting your money’s worth in terms of features, looks, and functionality.

Design and Display

The smartwatch has been designed to be quite big and masculine. With a sharp 1.28-inch 416 x 416 screen, it is not subtle or small in any way. With a porthole-style watch face, there are a series of rivets across the edge, giving it an elegant look. While most smartwatches are designed to be neutral, meaning it suits people of every gender, this watch is designed to be a stereotypically masculine piece. Every single aspect of the product is rugged and macho with textured buttons and sophisticated designs.

Diesel Axial Review
Diesel Axial Review

These stand out from the watches of our days and time, almost finding some hint of similarity to old-fashioned stopwatch. Regardless of this, you will find the Diesel On Axial smartwatch to be among the most popular and fashionable device out there. Since the watch bezel is huge, it will suit only those with at least a medium-sized wrist. On the slimmer men, the watch could feel out of place and feel spectacularly oversized. The 24 mm strap established the case further. However, while it is big and masculine, the company has at least made sure it is comfortable as well. While it is a bit oversized, we can agree that it is a commonly noted feature of Fossil watches.

This model features a 1.28-inch AMOLED display with 416 x 416 resolution. This is brilliant and helps offer the smartwatch users an even better experience. While the display specs are nearly the same as Fossil Gen 5, you will notice that they are undoubtedly better than other options. Unfortunately, there is no noticeable Diesel logo if you were hoping to show off your new smartwatch. However, for your personal joy, you will find one at the back.

Specs and Features

The Diesel On Axial smartwatch is powered by a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. The product comes with 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. Other sensors and features offered by the smartwatch include NFC, a heart rate monitor, GPS, and a speaker. It essentially uses the same hardware as the Fossil Gen 5, meaning the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, 8GB of storage, and 1GB of RAM are all something we have seen on Fossil’s latest piece as well.

Diesel Axial
Diesel Axial

Once you purchase the smartwatch and are trying to set it up, there could likely be some small issues. After you set it up though, it is smooth sailing all the way. Sometimes, you may experience slowdown issues, but that is only if you choose to use for an extended period of time. In comparison with other popular smartwatches in the market, we find that it is superior to older chipsets featuring lower RAMs. However, if you want speed, this is the way to go.

Users can make use of the built-in speaker here as well. This will allow you to take calls from your watch as long as your phone is tethered to it. The Diesel Axial also has a Google Pay support and 3 ATM waterproofing. While these features are more or less available on most smartwatches out there, they should not be taken for granted. Fashion smartwatches are almost a different sector and usually focus more on aesthetic appeal than functionality. However, Diesel has managed to find just the right balance.


The Diesel On Axial tolerates pretty much the same issues that Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches did recently. The GPS is fussy and doesn’t want the phone too far away. It could be maddening at times if you want to jog or workout without your phone on your or in the vicinity. On the brighter side, if you keep your smartwatch tethered to your phone, the details would be more accurate. Regarding the heart rate monitor, we are pleased to tell you that it is quite accurate. However, it might be a good idea to have a separate strap for working out.

Diesel Axial Display
Diesel Axial Display

In addition to these fitness factors, the smartwatch has a couple of apps that can help out. The Steps Goal app allows you to check how much you have walked while the Diesel T-ON-I app is a slightly twisted motivational tool. You might receive insults from time to time, but it is only to motivate you further. These small things are what makes it stand out. Animated tunnel effect and the likes on watch faces are again something different and continue to turn heads.

Battery Life

The Diesel On Axial offers customizable battery saving options. If you use it on battery saving modes, you will be able to enjoy about one to one and a half days without having to charge it again. With the chipset that this smartwatch runs on, you can easily modify the battery life to offer splendid outputs. Users would be able to save battery life while making the apps that they use the most more efficient. While it is not the most perfect solution out there, it is nonetheless better than nothing. If you don’t use the battery modes, you will likely need to charge the device every night.

Verdict: Diesel Axial

The Diesel On Axial smartwatch is a great choice if you are looking out to try a different-looking one. It is tough, masculine, and designed to turn heads. However, it will only suit those having a large wrist. The GPS is cranky if the phone gets left behind. But, on a brighter note, the product is sturdy, stylish, and comes with high-end features.

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