Fitbit Versa 2 review: The Subscription Smartwatch

Since inception, Fitbit Versa has come as a really handy gadget for users who wanted notifications and improved wellness at the same time. Though it was a good balance between both worlds, it could be delivered fully in any way.

Fitbit Versa 2

Finally, Fitbit Versa 2 is here, which is more a smartwatch than anything else, with Spotify and Alexa support along with AMOLED display. However, you need to buy a new subscription service, Fitbit Premium for fitness insights. For more detailed info, the paywall leaves data-hungry fitness freaks with much to be wanted.

New Display, Old Design

The Fitbit Versa 2 has an AMOLED display, which seems to be a great upgrade. Like Apple Watch Series 5, it also has an always-on display and it is great to see the activity and time without having to do anything. The build quality is the way better than any kind of knock-off design. It feels light, solid and well-built.

The silicone band embedded on it tells a different story, which is quite stiff and doesn’t hug the wrist without tightening it over the cozy level. But the stiffness no longer exists as you wear it longer.  The replacement bands offer more functionality, style, and comfort.

I hadn’t faced any trouble reading the display when going outdoors. The deep blacks fade the thick bezels. However, on the design front, the Versa 2 comes as new wine in an old bottle. You will see the bezels are rounded and smooth on the watch face. Some other changes are upgraded processor, bigger battery, and NFC support to use Fitbit Pay.


When it comes to navigating the operating system, the experience was quite smooth, despite a few stutters on animations. There are no constant hangs. It just has one button. When you press it once, it takes you back to the menu. When you hold it, it takes you to Fitbit Pay or Alexa. It opens apps like alarm, exercise, clock, and other apps like Spotify when you swipe right from home screen. There is a sleep mode on the quick settings which turns off the display when you sleep.

Fitbit Versa 2 USage

The new addition here is Spotify integration, which is limited. It can be used only with a premium Spotify subscription. In addition, it controls the only playback on other devices like your smart speaker or phone. You can also store up to 300 songs on the device using the Fitbit desktop app. However, you need to load them over Wi-Fi as you cannot do it using a wired connection.

Fitbit App and Wellness integration

Versa 2 is quite handy in use when it comes to working out. Music controls are few swipes away and you can easily keep track of workout routines in real-time with an always-on display. Keep in mind that the reflective bands are not sweating or water resistance.

When exercising, use silicone bands. You can keep track of calories burned, steps are taken, heart rate, workout minutes, and seven exercise modes like cycling, running, treadmill running, swimming, general exercise trekking, and weight training, along with integrated training.

You can easily track your health and exercise and get accurate results. Also, you can get more insights into the data in the Fitbit app. The only catch here is that Fitbit Premium membership is the only way to get detailed data. A smart wake feature is also coming soon in Versa 2, which will wake you up on time.

Battery Life

The 3-day battery life is one of the standout features in Versa 2. It lasted up to 3 days of regular usage. I use this smartwatch frequently and enabled most of the vital notifications (up to 5 apps for messaging and daily scoop). I also turned on sleep tracking at night and worked out for 30 minutes every day. These all happened while enabling always-on display.

Overall, the battery life is on par against the likes of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, another fitness-based smartwatch in the same price range. On the other side, Apple Watch can last only a day and a half, and a maximum of 2 days with light usage.

The Takeaway

The biggest strength of Fitbit Versa 2 lies in its 3-day battery life on one charge. There are limited insights and app support, especially in terms of Spotify and Alexa is not that great here. Apple Watch Series 3 and Galaxy Watch Active also come at the price tag of $200, making tough competition for Versa 2.

Availability, Price, and Warranty

The price of Versa 2 is $200 or a maximum of $230 if you choose from one of two colors in the special edition, while replacement bands are available in the range from $30 to $100. Fitbit Versa 2 also ships with a money-back guarantee for 45 days and limited warranty for 1 year, along with optional protection plan for 2 years against damage, for $44.99 at Square Trade.

Is it long-lasting?

With the strong build quality and water resistance of over 50 meters max, Versa 2 can easily last up to 2 to 3 years or so.

Who should buy it?

Versa 2 really looks stylish and can do virtually everything you can expect from Galaxy Watch Active. But there is a bit more on which Galaxy Watch Active 2 stands ahead. Apple Watch is recommended for iPhone users if sleep tracking is not required.

Are other options available?

Apple Watch is a better choice if you are using an iPhone. Even better, Series 3 price has been dropped to $200 by Apple and it is a great competitor. You can have better support with in-built GPS, iPhone, and access to several third-party tracking apps and fitness plans. However, it lacks in-built sleep tracking and you will need to charge it by the end of every day.


    • Ships with an affordable price tag
    • Effective sleep tracking
    • Strong battery life
    • User-friendly interface
    • Enough storage to store music


    • Shows only a few details
    • Alexa is not that helpful
    • Unable to stream with Spotify
    • Seems like a knock-off of Apple Watch


With excellent battery life, Fitbit Versa 2 is a nice buy but major details are hidden behind the subscription.

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