Everything You Need to Know about the Amazon Echo Dot

Priced affordably and designed in a sleek and compact shape, the Amazon Echo Dot is the one to go for if you are looking for a smart speaker at a low cost. With better specifications and sound output, the Amazon Echo Dot has quickly been recognized as one of the best smart speakers that are also budget-friendly.

Amazon Echo Dot

Having everything good in a small compact Amazon Echo Dot and at half the price cannot go wrong, can it? From Alexa voice to the premium aesthetics, this smart speaker is packed with extensive features that remain to be one of the best in the market.

Coming to the design, the Amazon Echo Dot is a puck-sized smart speaker. It has been intelligently designed for maximum output with the most minimalistic built. It has rounded edges with fabric sides, which measures up to 99 mm in diameter and 43 mm in height.

The blue light ring on the border adds to the overall high-end design. Further, it comes with a circular pocket socket and a standard analog socket that connects to the stereo.

For further ease of use, on the top of the speaker, there are volume buttons, action buttons, and the mute microphone button. 

One of the unique features of the Amazon Echo Dot is that you can stream music from the Dot to other speakers. You can use it via Bluetooth and from any other device to the Amazon Echo Dot.

Speaking of the sound quality, the Dot speaker does not disappoint you a bit. An improved sound quality that punches out of the sides instead of the plastic top makes it a pretty good pick given the price.

Perfectly built as a small speaker, the Echo Dot delivers crisp highs and medium lows, which somewhat justifies the compactness of the product. But, do not go for the size alone as it a thunderous output at the maximum volume.

Besides a good sound output, the main feature of any smart speaker is the voice assistant that comes along. In this case, Alexa.

Alexa can easily hear you through even in obstructions with the four-microphone array feature. Whether it the cooker hood going off or any heavy music, Alexa will listen to you.

Alexa, the Amazon voice assistant, will help you do things quickly and swiftly. Everything from smart home control, playing radio, music playback, or even timers or alarms, Alexa has got your back. The wake word for Alexa is ‘Alexa’ as default, but you can also change it if you would like.

Also, Alexa can finally recognize different voice profiles in the same space. Unlike the large Echo speakers, the price is almost double, the Amazon Echo Dot is definitely a no-brainer for a low cost.

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