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Has Someone Stolen Your Identity from your Android Device?

What should you do if someone has Stolen Your Identity?

With this era moving towards digital advancement, data is increasing day by day. Millions of users go about with their daily activities from their smartphones. Multiple transactions can happen with a tap on our touchscreens. Many delicate and confidential data are also stored in our phones for easy access. With this, data is exponentially growing, and so are hackers. The number of hacks and security breaches that have happened in the last few years prove that while it may still seem that service providers are careful about their security systems, it is possible that your data is not very secure at all, let alone, your identity. What should you do if someone has Stolen Your Identity?

While you can still stay away from saving important information on your Android devices, it is quite impractical to do so because of all the facilities that smartphones provide you with. Apart from the devices that you use, one of the main reasons for identity theft is the internet. With browsing history, companies find out about your behaviour, likes and dislikes. Therefore, you see the ads on the things you would like to explore almost every other app you might open after browsing. With such sensitive data, it becomes easy for hackers to get information out from your device and cause problems in real life. So, how to know that someone has hacked your device and has stolen your identity?

Stolen Your Identity
Stolen Your Identity from Android Device

Here are a few tips with which you can know if your identity has been stolen:

  • If you receive any notification on your Android saying that you logged in from another location, do not ignore that. You can do so by checking the web dashboard.
  • Keep a check on your bank statements, balance, credits, etc.
  • Keep a close check on your emails and see if you are missing any or anything unusual is happening with your mail account.
  • If you have downloaded any new apps that are not secure enough, do not share any information or give permissions for accesses that are not required by the application.

How Do You Deal With Such Kind Of Threat To Your Data? 

Here are a few measures that you can take before or after someone has stolen your identity online

  • Whenever you use public systems or wi-fi, make sure that you have properly logged out from those devices.
  • It can also happen that you lost your phone or it has been stolen. You can access your google accounts through a PC as well and log out from there.
  • If you receive any notification about some information being used in a different place, inform the service providers or block your bank account if you feel your money is being stolen.
  • Make sure that your protective passwords are strong and difficult to hack.
  • If you are unsure about linking your main bank account to your android device, you can use online third-party payment methods or apps, or open a bank account that has a lesser amount saved.
  • You can also install a reliable software to protect your confidential information.

In this digital world, it is hard to keep our data private, but companies are striving forward to achieve security using different measures, such as two-factor authentication and digital signatures. There are cybersecurity teams that work rigorously to help protect user’s data from such threats. But, what matters is your vigilance and awareness, which can help lower the risk of your identity being stolen.

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